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CRP Technology, an additive manufacturing company based in Modena, Italy, has released Windform FX Black, its latest SLS 3D printing material. The material is a polyamide-based composite with a dark black color and strong mechanical properties.

Having kicked off its 3D printing materials research way back in 1996, CRP Technology can count itself as one of the industry’s veterans. Longevity is no mean feat in the ever-changing world of additive manufacturing technology, and behind the company’s continued success is Windform, a family of polyamide-based selective laser sintering (SLS) materials which can be 3D printed and then CNC machined, and which contain either glass or carbon fiber.

Users of SLS 3D printing equipment can now add a new weapon to their arsenal, because CRP has just announced a new addition to the Windform family: Windform FX Black, a strong, impact-resistant, and aesthetically superior composite suited to various functional applications. With properties similar to ABS plastic, Windform FX Black exhibits useful mechanical characteristics such as resistance to bending and torsion and high impact resistance, even at low temperatures. “It is thanks to this feature that Windform FX Black is suitable for applications for the winter sports industry,” explained Franco Cevolini, CEO of CRP Group, in a press release.

In addition to its desirable mechanical properties, Windform FX Black purportedly produces a high quality surface finish on printed parts. No post-production treatment is required, since the material has an excellent finish in its raw, post-printed state. Users can, however, choose to apply an extra finish if they so desire. “We also recommend it for design applications that require a strong visual impact,” Cevolini added. “CRP lends form and substance to everyone’s most creative ideas with Windform FX Black.”

CRP notes that Windform FX Black makes an excellent SLS prototyping material, especially in functional applications and parts with hinges or clip fittings. It is also suitable for ducting of complex shapes and thin walled connectors with snap-fit mechanisms. The material becomes the sixth Windform product currently available through CRP.

CRP Technology, which focuses on additive manufacturing technology, is part of the wider CRP Group, which has over 45 years of experience in the world of Formula 1, and also operates in design, aerospace, UAV, marine, entertainment, and packaging.

Windform 3D printing materials and other CRP Technology products are available worldwide. Windform FX Black costs €100 ($112) per kg in small quantities, with lower rates available on bulk purchases.



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