Oct 7, 2016 | By Alec

Removing 3D prints upon completion: it’s a constant and universal source of headaches within the 3D printing community, and a subject 3D printer developers do not like talking about. We can’t be the only ones who struggle with removing 3D prints from the bed without damaging the model, and certainly not the only ones who’ve had to spend countless hours reprinting those ruined models.

While a host of DIY remedies can be found online, 3M Japan is now claiming that they have developed a very simply solution: a 3099AB polyester platform sheet, that has been treated with a special surface coating that ensures that ABS and PLA filaments properly adhere to the surface, but can still be removed without any problems at all.

The company is the Japanese branch of world leading polymer specialist 3M, headquartered in Minnesota. Along with its subsidiaries Dyneon GmbH and Dyneon B.V., 3M is also one of the world’s leading manufacturers of PTFE, fluoroelastomers, fluorothermoplastics and other industrial-grade polymers for the oil and gas, chemical, automotive and aerospace industries. Just recently, the company’s international branch successfully made fully-fluorinated PTFE polymers, a very popular industrial polymer, 3D printable.

But this latest Japanese breakthrough is completely aimed at desktop 3D printers, both in the hands of home enthusiasts and professional users from any sector. As the company explained, they received a lot of feedback from users about how problematic print removal is. And we’ve all seen it ourselves: if the design is good, the 3D printing stage itself is really only under threat from warping – deformation caused by the solidification of filament. But even if everything goes well, it is very easy to ruin the bottom side of a print when trying to remove it from the bed. And being forced to make countless reprints doesn’t exactly support claims about speedy prototyping.

The proposed solution? The ‘3M 3D printer platform sheet 3099AB’, a 210x180mm sheet that is pasted onto the print bed and ensures that both ABS and PLA filaments perfectly adhere to surface without being a headache to remove. Key is a pressure-sensitive and heat-resistant polyester film, which has undergone a special surface processing technique to ensures good adherence on a nano-level. As a result, deformation during cooling is virtually eliminated, while the Japanese developers also promise a mirror-like surface on the bottom of any removed print. Even when working with a heated print bed. “It will deliver a comfortable 3D printer life without being plagued by increasing costs and man-hours caused by filament failure,” they say.

Most importantly, the prints are easily removed from the bed by applying just a little bit of pressure, as can be seen in the clip below. The same sheet can also be used multiple times, though the developers advise that you switch sheets when 3D printing differently colored filaments or when altering 3D printing settings. The sheets also require a very clean print bed (for optimal adhesive strength), while recalibration might be necessary. A small price to pay for problem-free 3D printing. The sheets are now available on Japanese Amazon, with three sheets costing ¥1,998 (approximately $20 USD). Nothing has been revealed about an international release just yet.



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W2C wrote at 8/29/2017 4:43:34 AM:

Friend of my introduce me this sheet. It is excellent, it adheres very well when heated up, but the 3d product separated easily when it is cool down. I wonder when it will be available in Amazon in USA. I can not wait to buy this sheet.

Парень из Зеленограда wrote at 10/7/2016 4:45:46 PM:


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