Oct 8, 2016 | By Tess

Much to the excitement of his fans, Australian alt-rock artist Dan Sultan has just released his latest single, Magnetic, along with an accompanying music video which features some very cool 3D printed visual effects.

The music video, which was made in collaboration with Melbourne-based film and animation studio Dropbear, features a 3D printed bust of Sultan, animated through stop-motion to make it look as though it is singing the song. Fittingly, as the song talks about being torn apart and pulled in by a magnetic force, the bust itself is pulled and transformed, even subjected to light effects like fire, and more.

According to a source, the innovative and captivating music video took two months to complete, a making of process which consisted of taking 2,700 photos of the singer’s face to stitch together a 3D model of his bust. With the digital model of Sultan’s face, over 60 individual pieces were 3D printed to make up the various expressions the 3D printed statue makes. More specifically, Dropbear’s team 3D printed a 30 cm tall bust of Sultan, with a moveable head and replaceable mouth and eyepieces, which were changed from shot to shot to make it look as though it was singing.

The overall effect, as you can see for yourself, is pretty impressive, as the statue does indeed keep up with the rhythm and lyrics of the song. The music video’s opening segment will also please 3D printing enthusiasts, as it depicts two animated robotic arms “printing” the bust, layer by layer on top of a pedestal before song breaks out in full.

Sultan, who teased his newest song last month, said of Magnetic: “It’s about having too much of a good thing. It’s about excess, basically, in all its forms. But it’s also about getting older, and about being more comfortable in my own skin.”

If you live in Australia and are a fan of Sultan’s music, you might get the chance to see him, as the singer also recently announced his Magnetic Tour, which will begin in November 2016. The tour will be a build-up to his next record’s full release (expected to be unveiled in 2017).

For now, though, you’ll have to be content just watching the artist’s latest video over and over and over again. Just try not to get his catchy song stuck in your head.



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