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If you’ve been inspired by someone, a colleague, an employer, a peer even, who lives the life of a business traveler, you may be able to help them win an award in the form of a 3D printed miniature statue of themselves. The contest is part of a digital marketing campaign put forth by The Hyatt Place hotels and Hyatt House extended-stay brands in the U.S, who want to highlight their amenities as well as celebrate those who utilize their facilities most: business travelers.

The campaign, as its signature tagline “You’ve come too far to settle now” suggests, is celebrating the “why settle” spirit that they say defines traveling business people. As part of the campaign, Hyatt House and Hyatt Place are asking people to submit their favorite business traveler’s story to the contest to enter them in to win one of 30 prizes. As Hyatt Place explained on its Facebook page last week, “We're celebrating the entrepreneurs, the doers, the go-getters, and the modern day movers and shakers with a personalized 3D award and a free hotel stay at a Hyatt House or Hyatt Place.”

So, if you know someone who fits the criteria, you can nominate them by simply posting their story and name on either Hyatt House or Hyatt Place’s Facebook page along with the hashtags #WhySettle and #Entry. The winners of the contest, which Hyatt will decide after October 25th, 2016, will not only get recognition for their hard word and sacrifice, but will also be awarded with a free two-night stay at a Hyatt Place or Hyatt House hotel within the continental United States along with a 3D printed statue of themselves, adorned in a toga and carrying a laptop and smartphone—a business person’s staples.

To manufacture the 30 statuettes, Hyatt has enlisted the help of CaptureMe, a Brooklyn, NY based portable 3D scanning company, which will carefully design the 3D models based off of images of the winners. Once the models are ready for 3D printing, they will be additively manufactured out of a sandstone material, using a printed binder material on a bed of gypsum powder and will subsequently undergo post-process treatments, such as being covered with a sealant. The end result? A bunch of 6-inch tall Oscar-style statuettes of the winning business travelers.

As mentioned, the contest is open until October 25th, so if you have someone in mind, don’t delay your nomination! If not, it is still quite worthwhile to peruse the other nominations to see who might get their own 3D printed statue. Sandra Cordova Micek, svp, global brands of Hyatt Hotels said of the innovative campaign: “This campaign is about creating an emotional connection with these travelers.”



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