Oct 13, 2016 | By Tess

Maker Faire Rome 2016, one of the largest event’s dedicated to innovation and new technologies such as 3D printing, opens its doors on October 14th, and we can surely expect to see some very cool and exciting 3D printing projects there. Among the companies present at the 3D printing event will be Italian 3D printing company Sharebot, which will be showcasing its newest Voyager WARP 3D printer (initially unveiled at Amsterdam’s AM Show 2016), and its latest 3D printing project, RCSIR-3D, a fully 3D printed RC racing car.

RCSIR-3D, which stands for “Radio Control Sharebot Italian Racing”, is an exceptional 3D printed RC car, which was made almost entirely using Sharebot’s main professional FFF 3D printers, the Sharebot 42, Sharebot Q, Sharebot XXL, and Sharebot NG. The 3D printed car, a racing car prototype, was designed in order to demonstrate the potentials of Sharebot’s 3D printers as well as 3D printing technologies more generally.

On that front, Sharebot has certainly succeeded in impressing us, as each part that makes up the RCSIR-3D was carefully designed and printed out of various materials to provide optimal performance. For instance, as the Italian 3D printing company explains, the car suspensions were printed from NYLON-CARBON, a nylon and carbon filament capable of sustaining high temperatures and large loads. Overall, the RCSIR-3D took over 1500 to be designed, printed, and assembled.

In addition to the RCSIR-3D, Sharebot will also be showcasing and demonstrating its Voyager WARP 3D printer, a professional DLP 3D printer with a WARP printing system. The latter allows for parts to be printed in record time by optimizing the exposure time for each individual layer that is printed. The Voyager WARP’s print speed, for those curious, is 100mm/h.

Sharebot will also be demonstrating its SnowWhite SLS/DLS 3D printer at Maker Faire, as well as its Sharebot 42 FFF 3D printer. If you are interested in checking out Sharebot’s RCSIR-3D project along with its various 3D printer models, you’ll be able to find them at Maker Faire Rome in Pavillion P8 at stand C19.

Maker Faire Rome 2016 will run from October 14th to 16th and is being hosted by Fiera di Roma. As the event unfolds, we are eager to see and follow all the exciting new 3D printing projects that are on display and highlighted there. Maker Faire Rome 2016 will surely not disappoint!



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