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Bre Pettis, the founder of MakerBot, has just launched Bre & Co., a new startup that is dedicated to making 3D printed heirlooms and custom quality gifts. According to the successful maker, the idea for the startup came from the want and desire to give something back to his own supportive friends, give them a physical token of his appreciation for them.

So far, the Bre & Co. online shop features a number of gifts, ranging from watches, to jewelry, to pens, and even ceramics, all made using innovative technologies such as 3D printing as well as more traditional crafting techniques. With his new company, Pettis hopes that he will be able to give people a new and unique way to say thank you or to show their appreciation to their loved ones. After all, who doesn’t appreciate a thoughtful gift once in awhile?

As Pettis explained in a statement about his new startup, “With the goal to make things that either mark an achievement or gifts that you can keep on your person as a talisman, everything we make has the intention to be a reminder of care, friendship, pride, and love. All my tests have shown that recognizing the values and excellence in others has a powerful effect and sends positive ripples into the world.”

Bre & Co.’s first featured collection is the Origami line, which consists of a number of design objects inspired by the Japanese art of folding paper, as well as other elements like supercars of the 1980s, and the designs of architect Buckminster Fuller. The objects, which include a watch, a pen, a ceramic teapot, and a ceramic sake set, all feature a distinct geometric structure, which does indeed recall origami.

To make each of the pieces, Pettis has capitalized on his own knowledge of and access to 3D printers. As he says, “From my previous lifetime which was focused on supporting creativity in the world, I have ALL the 3D printers.” For the 3D printed ceramics, for instance, Bre & Co. is using a PotterBot and a Ludum 3D printer.

As specially designed heirloom gifts, most of which can be customized with engravings, Bre & Co.’s products are not cheap. The Origami Watch, for instance, is retailed for $5,800, and the Healing Amulet, which features a pink diamond can be bought for $3,900. On the cheaper end, the 3D printed ceramic sake set and the 3D printed Fora pendant necklace are retailing for $180. While the pieces are impressive and the thought that has gone into designing them is commendable, Bre & Co. does seem to fall in line with the idea that it takes money to show love and gratitude.

That being said, if you are looking for a unique piece to give your loved one, to show love, support, or say thanks, it is definitely worth taking a look at Pettis’ new venture. As he explains, “We have so much fantastic exploring to do as we try and make fresh new things by combining traditional obsessive craftspersonship with advanced manufacturing techniques in service to deeper relationships.”

So far, the Bre & Co. team consists of 11 people, and while the current collection is quite limited, we can image that more designs will be unveiled as the startup grows.

Celebrating the launch of Bre & Co.

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