Nov 5, 2016 | By Tess

While questionably useful devices and inventions are a dime a dozen, every once in awhile a new tool will be created that really does make life easier, even if it’s just in a small way. The Whisk Wiper is once such tool, which not only has me very excited, but has also blown past its Kickstarter crowdfunding goal in virtually no time at all. The new tool is essentially a compact 3D printed add-on to be used with your handheld whisk, which makes cleaning it a heck of a lot easier than before.

Cleaning a whisk is not a fun chore, as small bits of batter or liquid get stuck to the many wires in hard to reach areas. The new 3D printed Whisk Wiper is hoping to change all that by easily wiping off food remnants from each individual wire loop. More than just keeping your whisk clean, however, the tool is also geared towards saving even the last bits of batter, by collecting it as you wipe the utensil down. Trust me. As someone who has lamented over lost pancake batter and whipped cream, unjustly trapped and washed off the whisk, the Whisk Wiper is somewhat of a godsend.

Invented by Matthew Michel, the Whisk Wiper is a remarkably simple concept which was realized with impressive design skill. To use the kitchen tool, you simply have to slide the plastic wiper onto you whisk before using it (this also allows the Whisk Wiper to function as a catch-all), and when you’re done, simply slide it off, watching all the extra batter, or icing, or egg come clean off the wires and accumulate on the edge of the tool. To make the most of your ingredients, you can then easily wipe the extra batter back into the bowl.

In developing the Whisk Wiper, Michel worked closely with 3D designer Robert Apodaca and engineer Arpita Soni, who helped take the product from concept, to prototype, to marketable product. As he explains on his product’s Kickstarter page, 3D modeling and printing were a crucial part of developing the Whisk Wiper, as over 20 prototypes for the whisk wiper were 3D printed in collaboration with a local company, Purple Platypus.

For the final product, however, Michel opted for injection molding, which has also been done locally with L.A. based plastics company C&G Mercury Plastics. Currently, the Whisk Wiper team is also working with Portland-based whisk manufacturer John Merrifield to create a whisk perfectly fitted with the Whisk Wiper tool.

As mentioned, the Whisk Wiper has already far surpassed its Kickstarter goal of $10,000 (it has already raised over $50,000), though there are still a few weeks to get in on the action. Though early bird deals have already sold out, you can still get your own Whisk Wiper along with stainless-steel whisk for a pledge of $23. We’re sure it will whisk you away.



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