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This stunning eco-friendly guest house designed by architect Steven Holl features all 3D printed fixtures in its interior. The house, named Ex of In House, was built by Holl on his property in Rhinebeck, New York, and is undoubtedly one of the most stunning pieces of architecture we’ve seen lately.

Spanning a modest 918 square feet, the Ex of In House is notable for many reasons. First off, it’s overall design and aesthetic are absolutely breathtaking, as the house’s exterior recalls highly sophisticated, slightly askew building blocks. The inside, which as mentioned features a number of 3D printed light fixtures, is equally as stunning, with many creatively shaped and placed windows, multi-level ope-concept rooms, and many types of wood.

Aside from its stylized and original design, the Ex of In House is also amazing for its sustainability factor. Holl, the founder of Steven Holl Architects, a recognized New York based architecture firm, has consistently placed a focus on green innovations within the field of architecture and has done a superb job of combining sustainability with groundbreaking design. His relatively small-scale Ex of In, is a prime example of the architect’s forward thinking philosophy.

For starters, the guest house is completely powered by geothermal and solar energy. Additionally, thanks to a thin film of photovoltaic cells, which are connected to a battery energy storage system, the Ex of In house is fully self-sufficient. In terms of materials used to build the house, all of the wood you see was locally and sustainably sourced, as was the glass. Even the 3D printed fixtures in the house were made from a cornstarch-based bioplastic, and were additively manufactured on Holl’s in-office 3D printer.

The Ex of In House, a part of Holl’s ongoing “In” research project, was also specially designed for the piece of land where it was built, as the architect wanted to preserve the natural habitat that surrounds the home. The compact yet surprisingly spacious building (which comfortably sleeps five) thus was designed very thoughtfully, taking into account its natural environment.

Holl’s website describes the Ex of In project, saying: “Instead of building today’s typical “McMansion” of several thousand square feet, a single house of 918 ft2 is placed in the center of the site. A compressed form intersected by three spherical voids, the house has a kitchen at its center and is realized as one large room on three levels.”

It only takes looking at the photos to appreciate the artistry and vision that helped to realize the impressive house. And, let’s be honest, the 3D printed lighting fixtures really tie it all together.



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