Nov 7, 2016 | By Benedict

A robotics blogger has used 3D printing to create the hapless “Butter Robot” from animated sci-fi series Rick and Morty. The base of the robot consists of an “I Spy Tank” RC car, with 3D printed parts added for the upper sections.

Word on the street is that fans of Adult Swim show Rick and Morty won’t have to wait too much longer for its third season. However, that won’t stop some fans from going the extra mile to truly immerse themselves in the show’s bizarre and hilarious multiverse before the big moment comes. To provide viewers with their fill of “wubbalubbadubdub” until the season premiere, tech blogger ESDEV has created an excellent R&M-inspired 3D printed robot, a fitting homage to the soon-to-be-continued animated series and a worthy addition to our list of cool 3D printed Rick and Morty props. Just don’t remind the robot why it exists.

The 3D printed 'bot in question is the troubled and confused “Butter Robot,” first (and last) seen in Season 1 episode “Something Ricked This Way Comes.” In that episode, Rick is seen ordering a small two-armed robot to “pass the butter” at the breakfast table. The robot completes its task before asking: “What is my purpose?” To this, Rick explains that it passes butter, upon which the robot suffers a small existential crisis, uttering a desperate “Oh my god.” Rick curtly responds: “Yeah, welcome to the club, pal.”

Minor yet highly memorable characters and objects from Rick and Morty are often the subject of online referencing, eventual cult status, and—ultimately—3D printed replicas, so it’s no surprise to see the Butter Robot now getting the additive manufacturing treatment from YouTube tech blogger ESDEV, real name Andre. The dairy-fetching paranoid android had already been recreated in LEGO, and the new 3D printed version opens the door for many more makers to create their own.

Andre’s video shows his 3D printed assistant performing its sole task (passing the butter) with aplomb, and the blogger has promised to release the SolidWorks and STL files for the print in the near future. The lower section of the Butter Robot is simply a painted I Spy Tank, controllable via smartphone or tablet, while the moving middle and upper sections are made up of 3D printed parts.

While many makers are surely anticipating the release of the STL files for the 3D printed robot, several YouTube commenters have reached out to Andre about the possibility of buying a readymade model. Given that the Butter Robot uses a $79 RC vehicle at its core, we can’t really see that happening, but makers will be able to 3D print the Butter Robot files through a printing service like Shapeways if they don’t have a 3D printer to hand.

Before 3D printing your own Butter Robot, spare a thought for your overworked and rarely praised 3D printer—you never know, it might be questioning its purpose in life too.



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Jim Hinman wrote at 11/7/2016 8:02:51 PM:

It really pleases me to see how far our technology has come with this 3D printing technology. Now anyone can have one of these machines and your imagination is the only limit on what they can be used for. I use mine for all sorts of things from making toys for my daughter's to making making crossbows for friends in my hunting club. There are some 3D printers available on the market today that are specifically for printing food products. It just simply amazes me! I'll be sure to share this article with all my friends, it was very informative and appreciated. Thank you

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