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German eyewear brand Powder & Heat has been recognized for its innovative 3D printed glasses. The young brand, which has been leveraging modern technologies such as 3D printing to make its bespoke and customizable eyewear products, recently took home the German Design Award 2017 for its “The Flamboyant” sunglasses design.

The Flamboyant sunglasses, which are designed and fit for individual clients, were designed by Powder & Heat’s Georg Vollmer, who set out to create a pair of comfortable and lightweight sunglasses that could be customized easily by customers. As mentioned, the Germany-based label has been using additive manufacturing to create stylish and unique glasses, which can be personalized in terms of color and fit and specially made from various high-quality materials.

Vollmer says of the process: “Our designs are modelled on a computer and then 3D printed. A laser melts polyamide in layers from a powder bed into any conceivable shape, so each individual pair of glasses is created layer by layer. The extremely light frames are hand-sanded, dyed and polished, and then released into the world fitted with the very best lenses.”

The glasses themselves have a sporty style, with large UV protective lenses and silicone nose pads to ensure comfort against the wearer’s nose. In terms of color, customers can choose from a varied range of both frame and lens colors for The Flamboyant sunglasses. To order your own pair of 3D printed glasses from Powder & Heat, you can go through one of its retailers or customize your very own pair through its website. By using the simple (though somewhat rudimentary) customizer, clients can adjust the width of the of the nose, length of the arms, color of the frames, and more.

According to the company, the frames take only a few days to manufacture once they are ordered, and are made and assembled locally in Germany.

The Curvaceous​

Taking all of this into account, it is not wholly surprising that Powder & Heat’s sunglasses were recognized by the German Design Awards 2017 in the category of Excellent Product Design. The company clearly has a lot of pride in its carefully crafted products, and the quality shows in the design.

In addition to its The Flamboyant frames, the company also offers a number of other designs, including The Bavarian, The Curvaceous, and The Feline, all of which can be customized. The sunglasses’ pricing begins at 240 euros a pair.



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