Nov 12, 2016 | By Tess

A nice light fixture or lamp has the uncanny ability to tie a room together, giving it warmth, a fun vibe, or whatever ambience you are seeking. “Lightest”, a new 3D printed lamp being featured through a Kickstarter campaign is not only all of these things, but offers a whole lot more. Developed by Barcelona-based startup Base Forge, the impressive lamp is not only a stately piece to feature in your home, but is customizable and most excitingly of all, is actually capable of levitating.

Lightest, which in its standard form looks like a magical glowing crystal ball, is a wireless lamp that with the help of magnets can levitate just above its base. The lamp itself is powered by induction, a process through which a small electric current from the base is transferred to the light.

The innovative new light, aside from being a great conversation starter, is also practical as it can be controlled by remote control and allows its users to choose the intensity of the light emitted, as well as the color of the light. If you’ve been intrigued by all the new smart lightbulbs on the market, Lightest seems like a strong contender amongst them.

Notably, and perhaps our favorite part about Base Forge’s Lightest lamp is that the lampshade it comes with is fully detachable and be replaced with a variety of new shades, designed and 3D printed by you. So, if you’re not happy about the orb lampshade, you can create any number of new ones, from a pyramid shape, to a cone, to a plant pot, and so much more. The glowing planter, which can be made to rotate and spin, is a personal favorite because who doesn’t want a floating glowing plant living in their home!

The base of the light, handmade from recycled wood, is also fitted with a battery, so users have the option of using a power cable for the lamp or using it wirelessly. This feature means that you can benefit from the Lightest lamp outdoors, whether you are having a garden party, bbq, or picnic in the park. The levitating lamp’s maximum brightness is at 120 Lumens and reportedly has a lifetime of 50 000 hours.

Base Forge launched a Kickstarter campaign for the customizable lamp on November 1st, and is hoping to raise €60,000 by December 11th, 2016. Backers looking to get their hands on one of the Lightest lamps can still benefit from the €140 super early bird deal, which is less than half of the light’s intended retail price. For those looking to spend a bit less, Base Forge is offering a “Lightest Maker Kit” for €120 which consists of the base and a levitating magnet, which users can use to make anything they want float.

Tell us, if you had the chance to 3D print a floating lampshade, what shape would it be?



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Stephen Walker wrote at 11/18/2016 3:23:42 PM:

looks good, at what cost?.

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