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With 3D printing technology on the rise, it is becoming increasingly important to integrate it into school curriculums, introducing the versatile technology to young generations so that they, in turn, can continue to advance and make the most of additive manufacturing. Of course, the integration of 3D printing into the classroom is not quite as easy as buying a 3D printer and setting it up, as it requires someone with some knowledge of the technology to introduce and effectively teach 3D concepts such as modeling, print preparation, and more. Within India, this issue will soon be addressed thanks to a partnership between MakerBot Asia Pacific & Japan (AJP) and the Veltech University in Chennai.

Together, MakerBot AJP and Veltech University are seeking to educate middle school and high school teachers about 3D printing technologies, with the teachers then able to pass on the knowledge to their students. The unique initiative, to be hosted by Veltech University, will be offered to over 800 teachers within India, and will consist of a specially designed educational program. Aided by local governments, the initiative's lesson plans will help teachers become acquainted with the technology, helping them effectively use 3D printers in the classroom and demonstrate design thinking, creativity, and problem solving. The ultimate goal is to help prepare young generations for the jobs and careers of the future.

The educational program, developed by 3D printing experts at MakerBot, will offer teachers hands-on training for a wide range of 3D printing related processes. These include CAD software, 3D modeling, MakerBot 3D printer operation, and tips on how to best integrate the technology into the classroom for optimized STEAM education.

Dr. U. Chandrasekhar, Pro Vice Chancellor of Veltech University, said of the initiative: “Veltech recognizes the importance of teaching critical thinking and STEAM-related skills. We are dedicated to building a new education foundation in India through a more interactive and engaging approach with 3D design and printing. Together with MakerBot…we are delighted to venture on a transformational journey and pass on our success and experience to other like-minded professionals in the academia.”

The training program itself will take place over the course of four weeks across a number of different Indian cities. A number of schools from each region have been selected, and the participating teachers have been nominated by their schools and local education boards. Each training session will take place over a three-day period.

Considering how much 3D printing is expanding into various industries, the educational program could prove to be an important step in helping young generations to prepare for the future job market. As Rajiv Bajaj, Managing Director and Head of MakerBot for Stratasys India, points out: “3D design 3D printing skills are already valued resources in all industries, and 3D printing is becoming part of the way company’s prototype and manufacture things.”

“Programs of this kind help teachers to inspire students for STEAM careers and render the entire learning process a joyful experience,” added Mrs. M. Pari, Mathematics teacher at the Maharishi Vidya Mandir school.

If the training program offered by MakerBot and Veltech University in India proves to be successful, we wouldn’t be surprised to see similar efforts popping up around the rest of the world, helping to equip teachers with the skills they need to teach children about new technologies.



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