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Luxembourg and Singapore have signed an agreement which aims to strengthen cooperation within certain research fields. Signed by Luxembourg’s “Fonds national de la recherche” (FNR) and Singapore’s National Research Foundation (NRF), the agreement lays the foundations for the joint funding of collaborative research projects in certain shared areas of interest, such as materials science (with an emphasis on 3D printing and composite materials) and business analytics, most notably fintechs.

Xavier Bettel, Prime Minister; Marc Schiltz, Secretary General of the FNR; Lee Hsie Loong, Prime Minister of Singapore; Low Teck Seng, CEO of the NRF

The agreement, which was signed in the presence of Xavier Bettel, Prime Minister of Luxembourg, and Lee Hsien Loong, Prime Minister of Singapore, stipulates that each party will, in their own turn, be responsible for putting forth proposals for collaborative research projects. This means that each party will have the opportunity to come forth with their own research proposal, providing that it is of mutual interest.

The first call for research proposals will be initiated by the FNR in early 2017. From it, up to three collaborative research projects within the field of materials science and 3D printing or business analytics will be selected for funding. The funding will cover up to a period of three years for each project with a maximum funding of 980,000 euros per project. In order to be selected for the joint funding, the projects much present a high level of cooperation between the two nations’ research teams, from the planning and development of the project to its execution.

Singapore Center for 3D Printing

As Marc Schiltz, Secretary General of the FNR, explains, this agreement comes from Luxembourg and Singapore’s shared desire to establish themselves as "smart nations," putting an economic and societal focus on new and innovative technologies and trends. “Supporting world-class research and innovation activities in the targeted areas is essential for achieving this goal,” he says. “Through this collaboration, Luxembourg and Singaporean researchers will be able to work together in a synergistic way towards the development of new technologies.”

In addition to the joint funding cooperation between the FNR and the NRF, the Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology (LIST) has also entered into a partnership with the recently launched Singapore Center for 3D Printing (SC3DP), part of the Nanyang Technological University (NTU). Together, researchers from both facilities will work towards advancing fields in which both countries are mutually invested, such as 3D printing and composite materials. Through the collaboration, both nations are confident that they will advance additive manufacturing and materials research significantly.

Xavier Bettel and  Lee Hsien Loong

Bettel, who recently paid a visit to Singapore and gave a speech at the Singapore Management University, expressed the importance of information and communications technology (ICT) for both countries; for their political, economic, and cultural advancement and evolution. In fact, while Luxembourg and Singapore might not seem to have much in common at first, Bettel emphasized how important the collaboration between the two small nations really is. “Our two countries share a lot in common. We are small states with big ambitions and we both rely on a global economy fueled by innovation,” he commented.



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