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Mecuris GmbH, a 3D printed orthotics and prosthetics manufacturer based in Munich, Germany, has just announced that it has secured a significant investment through a successful seed funding round. The funding, though of an undisclosed amount, comes from high-profile backers, including High-Tech Gründerfonds (HTGF) and Bayern Kapital. According to Mecuris, the new investment funds will be put towards expanding and further developing its cloud-based AI design technology and 3D printed prosthetics.

Mecuris was founded in 2016 by Manuel Opitz as a branch of the Ludwig-Maximilians-University (LMU) Hospital in Munich. The young company has since been partnering with various orthopedic and medical device suppliers to create more advanced and personalized orthopedic aids. Crucial to the company’s work is its reliance on 3D printing, as well as its innovative web-based design platform.

Included in the company’s portfolio so far are 3D printed orthoses, used for stabilizing and supporting the cervical spine; prostheses, such as artificial limbs; and covers for lower limb prostheses. In total, Mecuris boasts having 13 different aid designs, four furnished patents, and 33 3D printed aids to date.

According to the young company, it offers its services to orthopedic clinics and medical supply stores through its innovative Mecuris platform. Through the platform, specialists can upload digital patient images (in the form of MRT, CT, or 3D scans), which are then analyzed by Mecuris’ software. The software in turn translates the scans into a 3D anatomy of the patient, which allows for the necessary prosthetic or orthotic to be customized to fit the patient perfectly. These customizations are automatically rendered through a special algorithm.

With the bespoke 3D prosthesis generated, the user can then make certain specifications and finalize the design with the help of a Mecuris consultant. Once the design process is complete, the 3D model can either be downloaded directly or can be 3D printed and shipped to the medical facility in question, where the patient can try on their new bespoke medical aid.

As mentioned, Mecuris has just secured an undisclosed amount from a seed funding round, gaining support from investors the likes of HTGF, Germany's leading seed stage investor, and Bayern Kapital, a Bavaria-based high-tech industry investor. The new funding will allow the startup to further expand its services and to further develop its cloud-based AI design platform for designing and creating bespoke 3D printed prosthetics.



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