Nov 23, 2016 | By Julia

Just in time for the holidays, German confection company Katjes launches the Katjes Magic Candy Factory, the world’s first 3D printer for gummy candy, this week across UK shopping centres and online.

Earlier this year, we saw Katjes partner with Uruguayan 3D printing software company Sur 3D to create their own software for 3D printing Katjes gummies. Previously available only in Berlin, Dubai, Dublin, and the US, the Katjes Magic Candy Factory lands in England, Wales, and Scotland starting this Thursday.


Candy lovers will be able to 3D print edible shapes, messages, hand-drawn designs, and even selfies in one of eight gummy flavours of their choosing. The unique sweets will be printed on the spot, in front of customers’ tantalized eyes, in under five minutes.

Promptly ushering in a new era of 3D printed edibles, the Katjes Magic Candy Factory is the first food safe 3D printer on the market. Ingredients are combined to create a special quick drying gummy substance, which solidifies once printed from the FDM-style 3D printer. Flavours currently include black currant, lemon, strawberry, and green apple. The confectioned 3D prints cost about £10 a pop.



Katjes Managing director Melissa Snelgrove is confident that the unique interactive experience will dazzle shoppers of all stripes. Snelgrove invented and developed the Katjes Magic Candy Factory specifically for the widest market possible: the 3D printed gummies are vegan, allergen free, gluten free, gelatine free, and Halal and Kosher friendly. “The sweets are also all made with natural colours and flavours from real fruit and vegetable extracts,” Snelgrove told press, so candy lovers of all persuasions can enjoy the custom-made treats.


Celebrities like Heidi Klum, Elijah Wood, and Tom Hiddleston are quickly catching on to the tasty trend. According to the Katjes website, this is just the beginning, with plans to expand across Canada and the Middle East soon. Bastian Fassin, Managing Director of Katjes’ German division, has also said that wherever the Magic Candy Factory goes, there will be a favourite candy to suit any palate: “Today we are in Berlin, and it will be the Brandenburg Gate in mango flavour. Tomorrow we’re in London, and it will be the Buckingham Palace in strawberry cream, and then we are in Manhattan and it probably will be donut flavour and the Brooklyn Bridge!”

Look for the official launch of Katjes Magic Candy Factory at the St. David’s Centre in Cardiff on Friday, December 2nd.



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R wrote at 11/25/2016 5:15:17 PM:

Not the world's first, a place in New York City has had this for a long time.

I.AM.Magic wrote at 11/24/2016 8:48:34 AM:

make kids fatter !! yay

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