Dec 1, 2016 | By Julia

SHINING 3D, the leading consumer-class 3D digitizing and printing system in China, has unveiled an exciting new update taking place on December 5th. Meet EinScan 2.0, the newest software version of the EinScan Series 3D Scanner – one of the world’s first multi-functional modular 3D scanners. Notable features of EinScan 2.0 include improved user experience, support for one-click data upload via connection to the Sketchfab platform, and direct, convenient sharing of scanned 3D data online. The software update also incorporates several new functions entirely.  Read on for a closer look at these improvements, and more insider info for what you can expect from EinScan software version 2.0.

For those unfamiliar with the series, there are currently two models in the EinScan Series: the EinScan-S Desktop 3D Scanner, and the EinScan-Pro Multi-Functional Handheld Scanner. Following its 2015 debut at mega consumer electronics show CES, the EinScan Series has undergone intensive development and steadily climbed the consumer market. Diverse applications of the 3D scanner include digitized design, digitized archiving, personalized customization, teaching and education, 3D printing, and virtual reality development. Along with its SDK interface, the popular scanner series gets our seal of approval for generally increasing accessibility and application of 3D scanning and modeling technology.

In November 2016, EinScan-Pro also teamed up with UK data platform for their charity program Scan the World, an initiative that provides free downloads of 3D modeling files of famous buildings and artworks. Currently boasting user installment in over 60 countries worldwide, the EinScan Series is hands-down the most popular tool on the market for creating 3D models.

With this update, EinScan 2.0 users can look forward to a unified operation platform for the EinScan-S and the EinScan-Pro. Both scanners can now be managed from the same software. Users will be able to choose a device, connect it, and activate it, all within a single software installation package. One device can be run at a time.

Overall improved user experience is another plus. The new software features enhancements like added mouse operation tips for increased user friendliness. EinScan 2.0 also offers multi-language support. Chinese, English, Russian, Korean, Japanese, French, German and Polish are all supported in the new update as selectable interfaces.  

Finally, the EinScan software version 2.0 features one-click sharing through the Sketchfab data platform. Back in March, we told you about Sketchfab’s expanded Virtual Reality capabilities, enabling any VR headset to view your 3D models. Currently, the Sketchfab community has garnered more than 500,000 3D content creators, with over 1 million 3D models available online. Now, EinScan 2.0 will support one-click upload of your scanned model onto the growing Sketchfab platform. Users will directly and conveniently be able to share their captured 3D data via the Internet.

The update to EinScan software version 2.0 will be available to all EinScan Series 3D Scanner users as a free upgrade. Although EinScan 2.0’s official launch date is December 5th, SHINING 3D tell us in a press release that the software will be available from December 1st as an open invitation for internal testing.

To download the latest software installation package for EinScan 2.0, visit the company's website. Please note that your Internet connection should be unblocked during installation.



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