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Hong Kong property developer Jiayuan International Group has joined forces with Chinese 3D printing and construction company WinSun. Jiayuan will apply WinSun’s 3D printing technology to landscape gardening and outdoor products, with a view to 3D printing buildings.

WinSun and Jiayuan International Group will use 3D printing to make outdoor products

Whatever your stance on WinSun, the Chinese 3D printing and construction company that has made headlines over the last few years for its 3D printed houses, villas, and apartment blocks of unknown quality, the company continues to take part in all sorts of large-scale additive manufacturing projects—while making sure the world knows about them. But while we know WinSun best for its work making 3D printed buildings, the company’s new partnership with property developer Jiayuan International Group could see it moving into landscape gardening and other areas of outdoor 3D printing.

While 3D printing houses and other 3D printed buildings are the ultimate target for both WinSun and Jiayuan, it seems like this new partnership will focus on other areas of construction in the meantime. Why? 3D printed gardens and outdoor items can be made more easily than 3D printed houses, and the regulations governing their construction are less strict than those governing the kind of structure a person has to live inside. After all, we’ve all seen those WinSun 3D printed properties, but we haven’t yet heard of anybody moving into them.

“Adopting 3D printing technology helps to reduce both time and costs for construction, and enables us to provide customized designs,” said Jiayuan International chief executive Cheuk Hiu Nam. “We believe that 3D printing is a technology that will become more mature and more widely used in the future. Right now, we’re still at the beginning...In our new projects, we will start with landscaping, gardening, and outdoor products.”

3D printed buildings made by WinSun

WinSun, which has erected several (at least partially) 3D printed buildings in China since 2014 and claims to have ongoing projects in Europe and the Middle East, has said that the 3D printing of buildings can currently help cut total costs by around 10%, though it expects to reach a 50% reduction when its technology is finalized and building regulations updated to cater for 3D printed construction work. 

Although there is a way to go before 3D printed buildings are commonplace, the partnership with Jiayuan has seen WinSun's stock rising within the domestic construction industry. "The cooperation between Jiayuan International and WinSun's 3D printing building technology opens a new window for technological transformation in the real estate industry," said Yi-hei Ma, Chairman of the Board of China Construction Technology.

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