Dec 7, 2016 | By Benedict

Hungarian gaming studio Moragami Games, creator of Pazaru and Goony, is releasing a new 3D printable toys-to-life game to the Nintendo 3DS. The new game, Inchvilles, allows players to design their gem-collecting character in game before 3D printing a one-inch replica of that character.

Given the crazy year Nintendo is having for new and future releases, you’d be forgiven for having forgotten about the 3DS, the Japanese company’s 2011 portable game console capable of producing stereoscopic 3D effects. Yes, the NES Classic Edition looks as though it will become a 2016 Christmas sensation, and the forthcoming Nintendo Switch is causing all sorts of excitement in the gaming community, but many gamers still devote a lot of time to the humble 3DS, playing games like Super Mario 3D Land, Pokemon X & Y, and Mario Kart.

With 3D printable toys-to-life experiences becoming more popular in the gaming world, and with the 3DS being very much a three-dimensional kind of console, it seems natural that a 3DS game developer would develop a 3D printable character feature for a new game. Hungarian studio Morgami Games has just done exactly that with its latest release: Inchvilles, a game in which players must navigate cubic terrain to collect special gems.

As with a few toys-to-life projects out there, players of Inchvilles are invited to design their in-game avatar using a special editor. Gamers can then go on to take on the levels of the game using this character, but they also have a chance to move them out of the digital world and into the physical realm. With a 3D printing feature built into the game, players will reportedly have a chance to order a 3D printed model of their character through an as-yet-unnamed printing service, receiving the token in as little as 10 days.

These 3D printed figurines will reportedly be more than just trinkets, with Inchvilles players supposedly able to scan the 3D printed characters back into the game via some kind of visual code. It is not yet known whether players will also be able to 3D print these characters using their own 3D printers, or whether orders must go through the dedicated service.

For Skylanders Imaginators, the latest installment of the popular toys-to-life Skylanders franchise, publisher Activision decided to incorporate a similar 3D printing feature. With the Skylanders Creator editor, gamers have been able to design and 3D print their own Skylanders characters which can then be used to play in the game via NFC tag connection.

With Inchvilles inching closer to release, we can’t wait to see how its own 3D printing toys-to-life feature looks. Reports suggest the game may also be released for the forthcoming Nintendo Switch.



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