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While we often write about 3D food printing, many of our readers may still be wary of ingesting something 3D printed—unless they want to eat plastic. As one of the forerunners in 3D printed edibles, Dovetailed (creators of the nūfood 3D printer) is hoping to change that with its latest Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign: a nūfood Tasting Experience.

Dovetailed, a Cambridge, UK-based design studio, has been working with 3D printed food for a couple of years now, working on and advancing its 3D food printer that has come to be known as nūfood. According to the startup, it is currently finalizing and readying its innovative 3D printer for the commercial market. In the meantime, however, it has also decided to bring its 3D edibles to those eager to try the morsels.

As the Kickstarter page explains, “While we are finalising the device for manufacture and developing the flavour ecosytem, we thought: why not bring the taste of nūfood to you? We would love your feedback! This campaign, with your support, will help us begin the next phase of our journey as we strive to bring the nūfood kitchen robot into your homes.”

Essentially, the Kickstarter campaign is seeking to raise £10,000, which will allow the nūfood team to host a series of 3D printed food tasting events. With a menu that consists of a soup that looks like lily pads, a liquid smoke snail, 3D printed ravioli cubes, fish and chips, and even venison, it’s hard not to be curious about how the 3D printed food will be displayed, and just what exactly it will taste like. Even the cocktails will feature 3D printed garnishes!

nūfood’s technology, for those who may not have heard of it already, consists of a compact 3D printer that extrudes, in a sense, small juicy flavor bursts into a variety of shapes and forms. Users can control the shapes that their food is printed in through an accompanying smartphone app. The flavor droplets, for their part, consist of natural flavor extracts and edible liquids.

If you want to attend one of the nūfood pop-up tasting experiences, you can for a pledge of £200 (for two tickets). The events will be hosted in several European cities, including Cambridge, London, Amsterdam, Berlin, Copenhagen, Dublin, Helsinki, Paris, Vienna, and Vilnius on various dates through February, March, and April. The crowdfunding campaign has so far raised about £825 of its £10,000 goal, but with 25 days left of the campaign, there is still plenty of time to get the necessary pledges.

Tell us, are you excited about nūfood’s edible technology?



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I.AM.Magic wrote at 12/8/2016 8:10:38 AM:

I'll give them a 2/10 for effort and because it isn't candy or marketed for elderly who can't chew. But that ain't 3D printing, they are depositing drops on top of another and wishing they'll stick together. If you look at their shapes, they are very rudimentary. It is a good thing tho that they are thinking of mixing 3D printing and molecular cuisine. But molecular cuisine didn't stick because people didn't like the texture. I would have paid £50 pounds for two tickets, not £200. Best of luck.

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