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The University of Cyprus recently announced that it will be opening an advanced 3D bioprinting laboratory in 2017. The lab is being initiated in partnership with IQJET ARTISIA Company and in collaboration with Russia-based NextGene Biosystem, Amur State Medical Academy, and IQDEMY SA Holding (IQJET ARTISIA’s parent company). The bioprinting lab’s research will reportedly focus on developing disease treatments that benefit from 3D bioprinting or tissue engineering.

3D bioprinting is a field ripe for innovation, as scientists from all over the globe are working on developing a viable method for 3D printing cells to create implantable organs, tissue services, and various other treatments. One application for bioprinting, which IQ ARTISIA and NextGene Biosystem have been working on for some time, is the production of 3D bioprinted skin that can be implanted for patients suffering from skin burns, scalds, or even trophic ulcers. According to both companies, they are currently working on developing a 3D bioprinter capable of this.

The 3D bioprinting lab project was inspired by the words of Dr George Güttinger, who at last year’s Biointerfaces International Conference (BIC) spoke of the importance of establishing a bioprinting laboratory in Europe that could advance and help to meet global demands in the field.

Having agreed with his words, Professional service company KPMG organized a meeting between IQDEMY SA President Vladislav Mirchev, development director Olga Kondratieva, and the head of the University of Cyprus to get the ball rolling on the bioprinting laboratory. KPMG, for reference, is ARTISIA IQJet’s official auditor. At the meeting, the representatives from each company and organization laid out the plans for the 3D bioprinting laboratory, and discussed a joint investment for the project.

And while there is no set date for when the 3D bioprinting laboratory will open—other than 2017—all the parties involved in its development are confident that their bioprinting lab will be one of the most state-of-the-art, advanced bioprinting labs in Europe. Ultimately, the goal of the bioprinting lab is to further advance and achieve new breakthroughs with bioprinting technology.

The 3D bioprinting lab will presumably be located at the University of Cyprus, which houses eight different faculties, most notably its Faculty of Engineering and its medical school.

Founded in 2016, ARTISIA IQJET deals within the digital printing and bioprinting industry. NextGene Biosystem company, for its part, is a new scientific company which has focused its resources on new medical technologies such as biomedicine and bioprinting.



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Sue Scheepers wrote at 12/20/2016 4:47:59 PM:

How can I get in touch with anyone regarding this. I have a burn survivor daughter and want to know if this has been use on any burn survivors yet? Please email me: We are from South Africa Thank you Sue

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