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Chinese maker Naomi Wu, better known by the moniker “SexyCyborg”, has become somewhat of a sensation within the maker community for her provocative tech wearables, including a 3D printed underlit mini-skirt, an LED infinity mini-skirt, and a 3D printed cropped LCD shutter top. Now, SexyCyborg is at is again with her latest creation, the 3D printed Pi Palette, aka the hacker’s cosmetic case.

While less of a wearable than her other makes, the Pi Palette is a fun project that seems to be inspired by covert spy equipment, only for women. At first glance the case resembles a rather large makeup compact, with a mirror top and makeup palette bottom. Upon removing the makeup layer of the bottom section, however, the palette transforms into a hacker kit.

Consisting of a 3D printed case and a Raspberry Pi 3 single board computer, the Pi Palette is admittedly quite conspicuous (not ideal for real spy equipment), though it is an undeniably fun accessory. In fact, SexyCyborg explicitly states that the 3D printed makeup compact-cum-hacker kit is not a serious Infosec tool, and is a fun follow-up to her 3D printed shoes which contained a penetration testing tool.

SexyCyborg’s Pi Palette hacker cosmetic case is equipped with a Raspberry Pi 3 single board computer that itself is running Kali Linux, a penetration testing and digital forensics distribution. Wu notes that you can use Windows 10 but jokingly urges her audience to “please remember that every time you run Windows on hardware fully compatible with Linux a baby penguin dies.”

Other materials required for the Pi Palette are a 5000mah battery, an RLT3070 WiFi adapter (which can be swapped for a Software Defined Radio), a 5” 800x480 “smart mirror” display with touchscreen capability, a wireless (or wired) keyboard, and makeup trays. All the 3D printing files for the device are available for download through SexyCyborg’s Thingiverse page here.

The 3D printed parts, which include the palette’s box, hinges, charging cradle, eyeshadow tray, etc. should be printed out of PLA at a 0.2mm layer height. And though the parts may appear quite rudimentary to a more advanced maker, Wu explains that her own CAD skills are relatively limited and that she wants her makes to be accessible to any level of maker.

She writes, “As with all my projects, one of the primary goals was to make sure it was reproducible by people like myself with only basic technical skills. The only thing better than showing off what you can make, is showing that anyone can make it.”

The Pi Palette, which can be made to accommodate actual makeup trays (Wu suggests testing our your own with cheap makeup!), can be charged wirelessly via an induction charger set up in a 3D printed cradle. Of course, some wiring and careful assembling are necessary to finalize the device, though SexyCyborg has made a 17 minute long video guiding makers through each step of the process.

Finally, to show off her new tech-accessory, Wu has posted photos from a sci-fi photo shoot she did with the Pi Palette, feat. leather jacket and the requisite mirror shades. According to the maker, she was running Aircrack software for the photoshoot and video for a theatrical hacker effect.



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Als wrote at 12/25/2016 7:01:11 AM:

Nice 3D boobies.

LOVE3D wrote at 12/21/2016 11:53:03 PM:

Is that the Flashforge Creator Pro?

Bad Robot wrote at 12/21/2016 7:21:04 AM:

I Don't know what a Cum-Hacker is but my Ram is empty just thinking about it.

Naomi "SexyCyborg" Wu wrote at 12/21/2016 12:25:54 AM:

Thanks 3ders! Always appreciate the mention:-)

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