Jan 5, 2017 | By Julia

Fuel3D, the UK/US based 3D capture and imaging innovator, has just unveiled two new 3D scanners at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES), January 5-8 in Las Vegas. Meet the Fuel3D 360 Scanner and the Fuel3D Desktop Scanner, two impressive imaging technologies that have caught our eye for their speed and versatility.

the Fuel3D 360 Scanner

Let’s start with the Fuel3D 360 Scanner. This high-speed imaging and measurement system captures high-res, 360-degree 3D data in just 0.3 seconds with excellent accuracy (to 0.2mm). The Fuel3D 360 Scanner performs both shape and colour data capture, and is ideal for scanning mid-size objects such as a human head and shoulders. It’s easily transportable too, meaning the whole scanning rig can be set up and calibrated in less than an hour, enabling possibilities for solid on-location scanning, pop-up retail opportunities, or wherever your 3D scanning adventures take you.

Fuel3D is keen to demonstrate the 360 Scanner’s versatility. As CEO Stuart Mead details, “the growth in the use of 3D data in areas as diverse as security, medical, virtual and augmented reality has created a challenge in how to quickly and cost-effectively capture real-life subjects and objects in 3D. The Fuel3D 360 Scanner provides a unique solution that will enable a wide range of sectors to scale-up 3D content generation cost-effectively.”

Some of the extended applications for the Fuel3D 360 Scanner include CGI for gaming and live actors, VR characters and objects, biometric security systems, custom eyewear fitting, pre- and post-surgical/dental treatment analysis, and general facial measurement for retail services. A software development kit (SDK) is included to support application development.

Next up is the compact and portable Fuel3D Desktop Scanner, ideal for scanning small objects with incredible accuracy and speed. This desktop 3D scanner is designed for capturing extremely high-resolution 3D data (accurate to 0.045mm) in just 0.14 seconds. Like the Fuel3D 360 Scanner, the desktop version captures both shape and colour data, but is geared towards smaller images (about the size of a human ear).

the Fuel3D Desktop Scanner

Mead calls the speed and accuracy of this scanner “a significant development in 3D scanning,” with desktop applications including development of wearables such as customized earbuds, treatment tracking for wounds and melanomas, next gen fingerprinting, quality assurance for products and components, and biometric security systems.

According to Mead, the technology behind the Fuel3D Desktop Scanner was originally developed for medical applications so “capturing human features such as ears for wearable technology and 3D fingerprints for security are a natural step.” The Fuel3D Desktop Scanner also comes equipped with an SDK for developing extended applications.

Both the Fuel3D 360 Scanner and the Fuel3D Desktop scanner were demonstrated privately at this year’s CES in Las Vegas. Commercial availability is expected for June 2017.



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Damien Horst wrote at 1/6/2017 1:19:21 PM:

My Words, Nick

mick wrote at 1/5/2017 5:10:40 PM:

Oh great take your (I call it 2 & a half D) scanner and build a rack to make it in to a 3d scanner. When it should have been a 3d scanner from the start. Do not buy this over priced disappointment. This goes double for there new "Desktop" scanner. GET A REAL HANDS ON DEMO BEFORE YOU BUY FROM THIS COMPANY!!! and I sign my name to this, Mick Hanks

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