Jan 5, 2017 | By Tess

2017 is certainly off to a solid start in the 3D printing world, with Polaroid announcing a new range of 3D printers and 3D pens, and HP releasing its new Sprout Pro 2 3D scanning computer. Now, French 3D printing company Sculpteo is getting in on the action as it has launched its new Agile Metal Technology, an online system that offers designers and manufacturers advanced evaluative and reparative tools for metal 3D printing projects.

The agent-based Agile Metal Technology software suite has been developed to help users check errors in their 3D models, automate complex procedures, identify “best fit” processes, and offer all-around optimization for metal 3D printed parts. According to the company, it will be releasing different tools for its Agile Metal Technology throughout 2017.

The software suite will comprise of a total of six tools, including Business Case, Design Optimizer, Lattice Generator, Support Optimizer, Post-Processor, and Batch Controller. All of which will make metal 3D printing more precise, and more optimized than before. The new metal 3D printing service is being showcased this week at CES 2017 in Las Vegas.

“Metal 3D printing offers the possibility of building new parts with complex geometries that are not possible with traditional methods, however getting metal additive manufacturing right is a serious challenge,” said Clement Moreau, CEO of Sculpteo. “As the complexity of additive manufacturing grows, it is difficult to get the necessary information to make the project go smoothly. Experts and specific software exist, but they are extremely expensive, and add to production time.”

Let’s take a look at the six tools offered through Agile Metal Technology more closely. The first, Business Case, is described as a self-leaning AI tool that is capable of determining whether a CAD 3D file is ready and optimized for metal 3D additive manufacturing. In addition to the evaluation, it also proposes the best materials for the project and lays out a cost and time budget for the AM project.

Design Optimizer, the second tool, gives a more in depth analysis of the part’s optimization for metal 3D printing and identifies potential structural or design-related problems with the 3D model. Design Optimizer also offers fixes for the problems in the form of design modifications, and most optimal orientation for the print. Lattice Generator, for its part, gives users the choice of different internal lattice structures for the part, to help minimize weight and material costs.

Support Optimizer, if you haven’t guessed, shows users the best supports for their metal parts, all the while keeping in mind the part’s required tolerance and yield assessment. Post-Processor  then offers an analysis of post-processing features, metrology for part requirements, and how both timeline and budget are taken into account. Finally, Batch Controller is essentially the same as Sculpteo’s existing batch control tool, only specified for metal 3D printing.

So far, only Business Case is available in the software suite, though Sculpteo is preparing to launch the other 5 tools over the course of the year.



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