Jan 19, 2017 | By Julia

Made In Space and Axiom Space have joined forces in a new manufacturing partnership that will change outer space as we know it today.

Zero-Gravity 3D printer by Made In Space

As the sole company producing 3D printed products in space, Made In Space’s new partnership with Axiom Space, the leading developer of the first privately owned commercial space station, marks new territory for both corporations.

The deal confirms that Made In Space will officially be moving forward from research into manufacturing for commercial clients, a strategy that looks to promptly usher in a new phase of commercial manufacturing beyond planet Earth.

While all the details of the new partnership have yet to emerge, we do know that Made In Space is currently developing a system to produce high-value optical fibers in space, intended for use aboard Axiom’s space station.

Additionally, the partners have announced plans to focus on the logistics of in-space manufacturing, including properly outfitting the in-space factory with equipment, utilities, power, and thermal management.

As part of the collaboration, the two corporations will also be looking to optimize the delivery of their completed products to Earth, a tricky business that must encompass no quality loss either during flight or upon arrival.

CEO of Made In Space Andrew Rush has weighed in positively, stating that “Axiom and Made In Space are adding to the space ecosystem, serving a growing market and enabling innovative approaches from processes learned on the International Space Station.

“This partnership allows us to continue to evolve and develop new products and allow our customers to invest in space manufacturing knowing that there will be an ongoing human presence on orbit."

Likewise, President and CEO of Axiom Space and former ISS Program Manager Michael Suffredini has commented that the new partnership marks an important next step in humanity’s reach into space.

“In-space manufacturing provides a unique class of products beneficial to the communications, materials and biomedical industries on Earth,” Suffredini said. “Made In Space is an exemplary company to collaborate with to meet the demand for in-space manufacturing, and we are thrilled to build a partnership with the individuals who have proven their abilities in zero-g flights and on ISS."

CEO of Axiom Space Michael Suffredini

An official press release has deemed Made In Space’s technology together with Axiom’s modules to be “the way of the future,” for servicing and expanding satellite and space station capabilities, but also for manufacturing at large.

In the months and years to come, onlookers can expect to be privy to that future – a future that is perhaps not quite the stuff of sci-fi, but certainly one that could not be foreseen by previous generations.



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