Jan 20, 2017 | By Julia

A teacher at the China Science and Technology Museum has 3D printed a miniature replica of the Iron Man suit Mark I. Maker and educator Yanmin Wu, or JarvisWoo according to his Thingiverse profile, initially built the Armored Avenger model to get his students interested in 3D printing. As a piece in and of itself, however, the model holds its own, rivalling even the most celebrated 3D printed figurines.

Fans of the Iron Man franchise will know that lead character Tony Stark knows no boundaries in his highly advanced designs. Over the course of the three Iron Man films (to date) released by Marvel, the billionaire genius-turned-superhero, who is played by Robert Downey Jr., constructs several high tech suits. Each is designed with a specific purpose in mind, and more often than not the technology ends up overpowering whomever attempts to wield it, leading to a series of hilarious and riveting (mis)adventures.

Arguably, however, it is the original prototype suit from the 2008 Iron Man film that makes Iron Man who he is. The superhero suit plays a key role in Stark’s change of heart, as he transitions from misguided weapons builder and CEO to armoured agent for good. This suit is also hands down the most iconic in the Iron Man franchise, and a fan favourite around the world.

All of the above are excellent reasons for JarvisWoo to choose this suit as the subject for his impressive 3D model. The Beijing-based Iron Man fan, who teaches children at the China Science and Technology Museum, settled on this particular model as way of introducing kids to 3D printing.

But as we all know, the Iron Man fan base extends well beyond kids. For that reason, 3D modelers who may be so inclined are in fact able to make their own Mark I model. All seven of JarvisWoo’s blueprints have been compiled into one official download on the maker’s Thingiverse profile.

The model suit is made up of a whopping 96 parts. Modelled through Cinema 4d software then 3D printed on the Deltaprintr Assembled, the entire project took a total of three months to create, from inception to completion.

And for Iron Man fans without a 3D printer who would still like to assemble their own model, Thingiverse also features an option to have the individual parts printed through a third-party app, then sent directly to you, ready for assembly.

Check out more pictures, designs, and blueprints for the Mark I 3D printed model on JarvisWoo’s Thingiverse profile.



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