Jan 20, 2017 | By Julia

As fashion designers and couture labels increasingly turn to 3D printing as a means of production, we glimpse new pathways into luxury. From Laura Thapthimkuna’s astounding Vortex Dress to Maison 203’s Bern Clutch premiering at Maison et Objet next week, bold, beautiful, and often very expensive haute 3D printing creations have begun to take over.

Yet as any designer will tell you, the road to success isn’t always smooth. The majority of artists and makers have humble beginnings, and must rely on experimentation and resourcefulness to master their craft. In this way, 3D printing offers a valuable outlet for creatives of all creeds. While an excellent means of producing complex designs that could not be made by traditional methods, 3D printing is also becoming increasingly accessible and affordable, inviting practically anyone to try their hand at being a maker.

It’s this sensibility that informs products like the 3Doodler, the first 3D printing pen available on the market. Launched several years back, the 3Doodler has undergone several revisions and updates as parent company WobbleWorks releases new versions and spin-off products.

Now, the brand continues to carve its way into the DIY fashion world, asserting that “wearable art” has as much a place in 3D printed fashion as designer labels. With that in mind, 3Doodler launched the 3Doodler Wearable Awards, a fashion-forward variant of its 3Doodler Awards, first held in 2015.

Let’s walk you through the company’s top picks for the 2016 3Doodler Wearable Award.

Carolyn Laing’s statement bra combines hot pink and black into an intricate, structured design. Equal parts showgirl and rocker-chic, Laing’s 3Doodler bra emphasizes detail and glamour.

Up next is a series of alluring masks by Heather Baharally. Taking the form of butterflies, birds, dragons, lions, and more, the masks are reminiscent of the costume balls of centuries past, but with a modern edge.

Australian artist Erica Gray, who previously took home the 2015 3Doodler Fashion Award, turns heads again with her new bridal piece. The golden headpiece and matching corset combines royal notes with sculptural elements, lending a glamorous edge to any wedding.

Finally, coming in first place is Aikaterini Kedikoglou, with her incredibly intricate necklace. Drawing inspiration from coral reefs, Kedikoglou’s piece contrasts highly textural elements with soft, carefully matched blues and greens. The statement piece is as beautiful as it is unique, unanimously earning Kedikoglou the 2016 3Doodler Wearable Award.

As the 3D printing pen continues to gain popularity with makers of all stripes, we’re sure to see more buzz-worthy creations in the upcoming year. Stay tuned for more exciting 3Doodler pieces coming soon.



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