Jan 29, 2017 | By Julia

A young Canadian maker has launched a Kickstarter campaign for affordable, 3D printed fidgets: handheld toys that help users stay focused, attentive, and calm.

While fidgets have been around for some time now – if you’re not familiar with the term “fidget,” maybe you’ve heard of stress balls, tangles, or widgets – young entrepreneur Sean Hodgins has rightly pointed out that the stress-relieving toys can be quite costly.

For this reason Hodgins, who self-identifies as a fidgeter, has dedicated himself to designing, producing, and retailing the world’s most inexpensive spinning fidget, known as the Five Dollar Fidget Spinner. Backers can purchase the 3D printed fidgets for only $5 USD or $6 CAD. Ultimately Hodgins hopes to realize a retail version that will sell in stores for $5.99.

“Fidgets are all the rage right now,” Hodgins explains. “I didn't even know how much I would enjoy using one until I made my own.”

“Not only are they extremely fun to play with, evidence shows that they can have extremely therapeutic effects. Fidget spinners have been shown to relieve anxiety, increase concentration, and help with social disorders such as ADD and ADHD,” Hodgins says.

It was only after repeated commissions from friends and neighbours that the Canadian maker realized the sizeable market of fidgeters who could use the stress-relief toy, but lacked the means to buy one or make their one.

Hodgins’ answer was the Five Dollar Fidget Spinner. After testing many different designs, he settled on the trama shape, which fits neatly in the palm of your hand and features a single steel bearing. All prototypes are 3D printed by Shapeways, a popular 3D printing company for creating personalized products. Available colours currently include black, red, green, and blue, and Hodgins may expand to include more.

And with pledges to Hodgins’ Kickstarter campaign already exceeding his initial goal – CA$12,130 has been raised so far, surpassing his CA$5,500 goal – odds are looking good for thrifty fidgeters everywhere. 27 days still remain in the campaign.

While rewards for early bird backers have run out, Hodgins still offers a number of deals for users interested in upgrades and bulk orders. Pledging an extra $2 gets you a ceramic bearing in place of steel, meaning longer, smoother spins. A $48 pledge will get you 8 Five Dollar Fidget Spinners, and $600 gets you 100.

The Five Dollar Fidget Spinner is expected to ship this coming May 2017, and can be delivered anywhere in the world.



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