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3DX Industries, a precision manufacturing company based in Seattle, Washington, has announced it will be partnering with Taylor Freelance, a firearm company based in Bellingham, WA, to design and manufacture a stylized, metal 3D printed magazine funnel. According to the companies, the 3D printed funnel will be available exclusively through Taylor Freelance, and will be used by sportsmen in competition events, trials, and training.

3DX Industries offers its clients a wide range of manufacturing technologies, including an array of CNC milling machines, a 3D composite printer, and most notably, a metal Binder Jet 3D printer. The latter functions using a powder-bed 3D printing process that uses a binding agent to adhere metal particles together, one layer at a time. When the binder jetting process is complete, the 3D printed part is then sintered in a furnace, which melts away the adhesive material. The part is subsequently supplied with a melted infiltrant material, like bronze, which fills the 3D printed part, making it fully dense.

3DX Industries will presumably use its Binder Jet 3D printing technology to help in the manufacturing of Taylor Freelance’s stylized magazine funnel for special sport competition firearms. The Washington-based retailer was founded over 22 years ago, and has provided a wide range of products to the sports shooting and security industries. Notably, the company maintains its focus on not only retailing firearms, but also on training, education, and gun safety.

Roger Janssen, 3DX President and CEO, said of the partnership, “We are excited to work with one of our local businesses in assisting them with bringing their products and ideas to market. Mr. Taylor is committed to the safety and education within the sport of competition shooting and we are excited to be a part of advancing technology within this industry.”

3DX Industries' M-Flex 3D Metal Printer Travel

Robin Taylor, president and CEO of Taylor Freelance, echoed the sentiment, saying, “With 3D metal printing technology we have the opportunity to offer parts and components to our customers that was just not possible with conventional manufacturing. The combination of complexity and affordability for some of the more intricate pieces we are developing allows us to maintain our competitive edge, resulting in a win for my customers.” For now, we can only speculate what the 3D printed magazine funnel will be “stylized” with.

In addition to the new partnership, 3DX Industries also recently announced it would be pursuing more government contracts in light of the new U.S. administration’s business policies.

A public company, 3DX Industries, Inc. is currently trading on the OTCQB exchange under the symbol DDDX. Potential investors should take note: a current shareholder is reportedly attempting to retire about 2mm shares from 3DX’s public float.



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