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Wiivv Wearables, a 3D printed footwear company, today announced that it has raised $4 million in Series A funding and acquired eSoles, a company known for its modular customizable footbeds. Wiivv lets customers order customized 3D printed insoles through a foot-scanning smartphone app.

We’ll admit it: 3D printing has its fair share of geeky applications, from miniature 3D printed gaming figurines to amusing 3D printed robots. All in all, it’s not a scene for jocks. But that hasn’t stopped innovative businesses from harnessing the power of additive manufacturing to make futuristic sports and activewear products. Numerous major sports brands have attempted to 3D print sporting equipment, exercise aids, running shoes, and—more and more frequently—custom insoles for your shoes, sneakers, or boots.

In actual fact, these custom 3D printed insoles needn’t be sport-related: anyone can suffer from foot pain, and just about anyone can benefit from personalized, custom-fit insoles that match the contours of the foot. This has helped companies like iMcustom, Phits, and SUNfeet find success in making tailored, 3D printed insoles for sporting or general use. Most of these companies, however, use some variation of an in-store 3D scanning booth to take the precise measurements of a customer’s feet. This is great for obtaining total accuracy and the best possible insole fit, but can be a nuisance for customers who don’t have immediate access to the relevant locations.

Wiivv's full-length 3D printed insoles cost $89

Wiivv Wearables, a 3D printed footwear specialist based in Vancouver, Canada, has tried to do things a little differently. Like many other brands, Wiivv offers custom, 3D printed insoles to treat foot pain and to provide a more comfortable footwear experience. But rather than use an in-store 3D scanning booth, Wiivv lets customers scan their own feet with a smartphone, using “body-perfect capture and computer vision technology.” The free Wiivv app captures the contours of the customer’s feet, mapping over 200 points on the arch and heel of each foot, and this data is then used to biomechanically enhance and personalize a unique pair of insoles.

Since its launch, Wiivv has managed to stamp its authority on the 3D printed footwear market, enjoying a hugely successful early crowdfunding campaign and steadily growing its reputation ever since. Today, the company delivered two exciting updates. First, it announced that is has raised $4 million in a Series A funding round being led by a private Seattle-based tech investor syndicate. This new investment builds upon existing investments from Eclipse VC, Evonik Venture Capital, Real Ventures, and Asimov Ventures, who will each also join the Series A round, set to close in Q1 2017.

Secondly, Wiivv announced that it has acquired eSoles, a company that makes custom insoles for cycling, running, walking, skiing, hiking, golf, and dress shoes. Through the acquisition of eSoles, Wiivv will have possession of data for over 50,000 3D foot scans, allowing for enhanced precision in the development of the company’s future footwear products.

Wiivv has acquired Arizona-based eSoles

“The highlight of 2016 has been the formation of a world-class team of innovators and partners, who are all passionate about the positive everyday impact we can have in people’s lives with custom-fit footwear becoming available mainstream,” commented Shamil Hargovan, CEO and Co-Founder of Wiivv Wearables. “We will accelerate our vision of every shoe made custom to you, and will continue to learn and lead as we bring custom footwear to the masses.”

Following its successful Kickstarter campaign in early 2016 (2,765 backers pledged $235,054), Wiivv has shipped over 10,000 Wiivv Full-Length and ¾-Length Insoles across the world. The company has grown ten times year-over-year, and plans to launch its next product in Spring 2017.



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