Feb 9, 2017 | By Julia

The adorable family behind Brooklyn’s CW&T art and design studio has just shown how wildly successful a Kickstarter campaign can be. Their newest venture, 100 3D printed Dropped Pendant Lights, raised almost $11,000 USD, over 12,000 percent of the initial goal. The campaign wrapped up yesterday, February 8.

Chei-Wei Wang and Taylor Levy are the makers behind this nifty dropped LED light, which can hang down over a dining table, stand up on a desk or bedside table, or simply lay on its side. The pendant lights are all 3D printed in Warm White PLA Pro on the couple’s Ultimaker 2 3D printer. Each print takes between 10-20 hours.

CW&T designed several different versions of the lamp on Autodesk Fusion 360, as shown in their Kickstarter video. All 100 runs of the Dropped Pendant Light have been sold off to eager backers, but the couple is still offering 100 additional DIY Dropped Pendant Light Kits, which include a light socket, cord, and plug, plus the STL file for 3D printing your own lampshade at home. The kit is priced at $45. And, if you just want to print the lampshade without any of the other gear, you can purchase the STL file alone for $1.

“We design and manufacture products that last for multiple generations,” explain Wang and Levy. “In our quest to fulfill our goals, we tend to favor minimal aesthetics, intuitive interfaces, and over-engineered construction.”

As CW&T tells us repeatedly, each design will be unique. While that uniqueness can partly be attributed to the nature of the project—this is the couple’s first attempt at 3D printing a finished product, as opposed to a prototype—it also goes hand in hand with their design philosophy.

“We design for one,” the studio's website reads. “We firmly believe the most passionate and thoughtful designs are designed for an individual. If it’s super fine-tuned for one person, it’ll be unconventional, desirable, and super-practical (at least for one person).”

This time around, the Brooklyn-based studio is technically designing for 100 buyers. Yesterday it posted that it has already completed about 20 prints, with the goal of averaging one printed lampshade a day for the next 80 days. Next Tuesday, February 14 at 10:30 am EST, CW&T will also be inviting onlookers virtually into its home studio via live stream. There, Wang and Levy will offer a peek at the design, printing, and assembly process.

For now, CW&T offers glimpses of its updated progress on instagram.



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