Feb 13, 2017 | By Benedict

Online 3D printable model shop Gambody, a popular destination for DIY 3D printed Star Wars models, tanks, and more, has stepped out of its comfort zone to release a special "Valentine’s Day" model: a 3D printable figurine of Suicide Squad’s Harley Quinn. The model costs $24.99.

Sometimes the most interesting thing about Valentine’s Day is not the romance, the outpouring of feeling between two kindred spirits, or that special moment shared over a glass of champagne; sometimes it’s seeing what February 14—or love in general—means to other people. Other people like 3D printed model makers, for example.

For Valentine’s Day 2017, 3D printed model specialist Gambody has provided us with quite a treat—and in more ways than one. Not only has the popular company released a brand-new 3D printable model to celebrate the occasion, it has also given us an unprecedented level of insight into the romantic mind of the model maker.

Following a live poll put to followers of its Facebook page, Gambody chose to develop a 3D printed model that depicts a hyper-sexualized, scantily clad version of Suicide Squad’s Harley Quinn, purportedly to celebrate Valentine’s Day and—in their words—the “fluttery feeling in the stomach” that comes with it. The 3D printed model shop says the doll is perfect for boys and girls, espoused or single.

Frankly, I’m a bit lost for words on this one. From a technical perspective? Five stars. Contributing designer Sanix has made a high-quality model, and the paint job on Gambody’s own version is impressive. From a romantic perspective? We’ll let Gambody do the talking: “You may want to touch her, as the figurine features killer curves, but for that there’s a price you have to pay first by buying the STL file, which costs $24.99.”

Tempting, Gambody, very tempting. But the fun doesn’t stop there. Noting that a semi-naked female comic book character might be more of a guy’s thing, the 3D printing shop explains how girls can take advantage of the model too: “If you’re an open-minded woman with a hilarious approach to the holiday, the 3D model is exactly what you are looking for to make your guy love you and appreciate your playful side more.” Quite.

The high-poly 3D printable Harley Quinn figurine, dressed in a crop top and “excessively short shorts,” was created in Autodesk Maya and ZBrush. The file was then checked and corrected (perhaps not enough?) using Netfabb. The 3D printed model stands 180 mm tall, 76 mm wide, and 153 mm deep, and comes with a support base. Makers are advised to print with a layer height of 0.1 mm if possible, and to print with support structures to support overhangs.

Best of luck to all makers attempting to print Gambody’s thoughtful Valentine’s Day treat for tomorrow. Although many, many couples are sure to enjoy the 3D printed Suicide Squad model, we can’t help thinking that this advice from Gambody is perhaps the most pertinent comment on the project: “Being single doesn’t mean that you have to neglect the holiday. Show how much you love yourself and give yourself the gift of all gifts.”

The gift of all gifts being, of course, the “awesome and sexy” Harley Quinn model.



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