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At 3Ders, we’ve been eagerly awaiting news about the ONO smartphone 3D printer, which was first launched through a Kickstarter campaign in March 2016. At the time, the smartphone 3D printer had no problem raising over $2 million from backers, as the whole maker community was excited about the new, compact, smartphone-based 3D printing technology. Now, nearly a year later, the ONO’s developers have given their backers a long-awaited update: a video of the smartphone 3D printer in action, and a fast-approaching ship date.

The recently uploaded video shows a user first selecting their print from the ONO smartphone app, then assembling the small 3D printer around the smartphone and filling it with a photopolymer resin. The print process itself is shown through a time-lapse (condensing 2.5 hours into about a minute), and the results are indeed impressive. The print demonstrated in the video is a reticular structure that measures about 120 x 66 x 50 mm, nearly the full size of the 3D printer’s build capacity.

Screenshots from video demonstration

According to ONO, 46.8 ml of resin was used for the print, and the smartphone used was a “mid-range Android phone.” Impressively, the smartphone was not even connected to a power source for the duration of the print, and ONO reports that only half the mobile’s battery was used up during the 2.5 hours, making it even more viable for on-the-go 3D printing.

The ONO 3D printer, formerly known as the OLO, was offered to backers for the very low price of $99. And while the smartphone 3D printer is limited in terms of its build size and capacity, consumers were struck by the accessibility, novelty, and portability of the innovative machine. The ONO uses 3D printing similar to DLP, in that a light source is used to cure photopolymer resins, only instead of using expensive projectors and light sources, the ONO works using LEDs from any smartphone screen.

As you can see in the video, the user simply has to place their phone upright under the vat of resin, and the ONO app will play a series of light patterns that will expose the resin, curing it layer by layer into the desired object. While some raised questions about the viability of the technology, ONO’s recent video, as well as an earlier DIY smartphone resin 3D printer demonstration, have shown that it is indeed possible to create 3D objects using light from a smartphone.

Perhaps even more exciting than the video is the upcoming shipping date for the ONO’s backer rewards. According to ONO’s developers, the 3D printer’s 16,000+ backers will receive their 3D printers by the end of March, after which the company will open sales of the 3D printer up to the public. We can’t wait to see what the maker community makes of the potentially revolutionary smartphone 3D printer. Check out the demo below:



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