Feb 21, 2017 | By Tess

Australian 3D printing company 333D (listed on the Australian Securities Exchange as T3D) announced this morning that it has secured the exclusive rights to market doob Group AG’s 360-degree photogrammetry technology in Australia and New Zealand. 333D will use doob Group’s 3D scanning technology to offer 3D printed miniature figurines (also known as 3D selfies) in Australia and New Zealand.

doob Group, a German 3D tech company, is known best for its “Dooblicator” mobile 3D scanning technology. Using photogrammetry, a technique wherein high-res photographs are taken from various angles of an object and reconstructed into a 3D model, the contact-free 3D scanning system can capture full-body 3D scans in just 0.01 seconds. Once captured, the scans are then ready to be 3D printed.

doob Group AG, headquartered in Düsseldorf, Germany, has grown internationally, with operations in Berlin, New York, Los Angeles and Tokyo. Responsible for making what are arguably the best 3D printed figurines on the market, doob now has revenues of nearly $10 million per year.

Victoria-based 3D printing company 333D will now have access to doob’s innovative 3D scanning process, which it will undoubtedly use as part of its merchandising agreement with the Australian Football League (AFL). To recap, 333D signed an exclusive deal with the AFL to manufacture official 3D printed merchandise, such as player figurines, special edition medallions, etc. It is likely that the 3D printing company will also seek out partnerships with other sporting associations, as well as in other sectors.

As mentioned, 333D and doob Group’s agreement stipulates that the former will have exclusive sales and marketing rights for doob in Australia and New Zealand. From this position, 333D is preparing to leverage its 3D printing hardware for the production of detailed, highly accurate, full-color mini figurines.

3D printed figurines by doob

“Since its founding, doob has maintained the ambition to be the industry leader in scanning and 3D printing of figurines and we are now a clear market leader in this space,” said Torsten Bernasco, COO doob Group AG. “We feel doob’s and T3D’s ambitions for the technology are highly aligned and we are very pleased to announce this partnership.”

As part of the doob license agreement, which includes photogrammetry software, hardware, and a Projet 660 3D printer, 333D has announced that it will issue an additional 15 million fully paid ordinary shares. As of this morning, 333D’s shares were trading at $0.014, up 7.7% intra-day. 333D first debuted on the ASX in August 2016.

The Australian 3D printing company also recently announced a partnership with 3D pen manufacturer CreoPop through which it will seek to develop a 3D printer system that integrates the CreoPop 3D pen and its patented range of resin inks.



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