Feb 23, 2017 | By Tess

Reify 3D, the Taiwan-based company behind the Solus 3D printer, has released Contour, a new software platform designed exclusively for its 3D printer. If you are already the owner of a Solus 3D printer, you can upgrade your existing software to Contour for $99 per license, otherwise it will come with Solus 3D printers purchased from this point forwards.

The Taiwan-based 3D printing company came onto the scene in 2014 with its Solus DLP 3D printer. Initially launched through an Indiegogo campaign (which failed to raise its $50,000 goal), Reify came back a year later with a further developed and improved machine. Now, with its new Contour software, the company is hoping to help its customers unlock the full potential of its Solus Ultra High Resolution DLP 3D printer.

So, what does Contour have to offer its users? According to Reify, its new software boasts a user-friendly and elegant interface, a helpful printing wizard, GPU-optimized hardware acceleration, quick and accurate layer slicing, automatic support generation, and manual support editing.

Contour also allows for the creation of custom resin profiles, which means that users can benefit from an open resin system and use whatever third-party resins they are partial to. To make things even easier, Reify 3D has integrated some built-in resin profiles for a range of more popular 3D printing resins. Of course, these profiles, along with all other advanced settings such as exposure times, speeds, layer thickness, etc., can be adjusted by the user.

For less experienced users, Contour’s advanced print wizard can be of help, guiding them through each step of the printing process. This feature offers users easy-to-follow, slide-based instructions and clear options. Additionally, the print wizard allows users to pause and resume their print with ease, making refilling the vat of resin or inspecting a print in progress a seamless part of the print job.

The Solus DLP 3D printer, designed and optimized for such applications as jewelry making, will also benefit from Contour’s automatic support generation feature. According to Reify 3D, the new feature offers advanced, smart, and optimized automatic supports for users who are printing small pieces, such as jewelry or miniatures. For users who prefer a more hands-on approach for their supports, Contour also allows for manual point-and-click supports, as well as automatic support editing. The software also has built-in support options for pieces such as rings.

The Solus 3D printer has a variable build volume of 48 x 27 x 80 mm (at 25XY resolution) and 80 x 45 x 80 mm (at 41XY resolution). With a layer thickness of 100 microns down to 5 microns, the machine is built with jewelry and miniature manufacturing in mind. The 3D printer is priced at $2,399 (not including the projector) and comes with the new Contour software. As mentioned, those who already own the Solus 3D printer can upgrade to the new Contour software for $99.



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