Feb 24, 2017 | By Julia

Twindom, the 3D scanner company based in Berkeley, California, has launched an updated version of its popular 3D body scanner, the Twinstant Mobile. Perks of the upgrade include increased portability and faster setup time: the new Twinstant Mobile takes one person only 20 minutes to set up, a huge improvement on the 45-minute setup time of the previous version.

Twindom co-founder Will Drevno said the scanner’s popularity at events helped drive the new improvement. “One of the biggest [demands] we would get from customers taking their Twinstants to lots of events to sell 3D printed figurines [was] making the setup process simpler,” Drevno said, noting that when you’re setting up at an event geared towards selling 3D printed figurines, the last thing you want to worry about is time-consuming fidgeting with cables and screws.

Drevno took the Twinstant Mobile back into development, and is very pleased with the results. “While the one-person 45 minute setup on the old version of the Twinstant Mobile was already very competitive with other full body 3D scanners for 3D printed figurines on the market, we wanted to make an even simpler experience for customers,” he said.

According to an official press release, the key to a faster setup time proved to be installing a new twist lock mechanism near the base of each 3D scanning pole. This simple improvement effectively replaced four wing nuts that, previously, a user would have had to manually screw in to the Twinstant Mobile themselves.

A new twist lock mechanism has replaced the four wingnuts of the previous version

The new version contains several software upgrades as well, available to both new and existing customers. Those upgrades include improved 3D reconstruction algorithms, meaning that all Twindom scanners are now able to produce consistently high quality output approaching the range of DSLR system quality. With this software upgrade, the Twinstant is capable of producing 8192 x 8192 textured models and, depending on the number of people in each 3D scan, up to 1.6 million polygons in each 3D model.

Additional software improvements include an updated user interface on the Twinstant Scanner App, a heavily requested feature by Twindom clients at high-traffic events. Scanner users are now offered the option of entering their customers’ contact information (name, email, and phone number) ahead of time, on a separate computer also running the Twinstant Scanner App. The new feature ensures that these fields auto populate on the main scanning computer when it’s time for the customer to get scanned.

Twindom representatives say they’re expecting positive customer feedback from the improvements. And considering the California-based startup’s substantial growth over the last year, now shipping to over 14 countries globally, it’s likely to be a safe assumption. Check out the full specs of the new Twinstant Mobile Full Body 3D scanner here.



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