Feb 26, 2017 | By Julia

The renowned design brand Kamp Studio has just released a new collection of sleek homeware and wearables. While New Zealand-based designer Daniel Kamp has always been drawn to experimental ways of creating, his new Kemp Collection is particularly notable for combining 3D printing with traditional handcrafting.

“KAMP.studio exists to change the way that we create things. We provide artful and sustainable alternatives to mass produced everyday objects,” the Kamp website states. “We believe that beauty and uniqueness matter.”

That sentiment carries beautifully through the new Kemp Collection. Highly sculptural jewellery, fountain pens, and tea sets are some of the most eye-catching items in the collection, but the piece generating the most buzz is a gorgeous espresso set: the Press Pour Over Brewer. Produced using 3D printed molds and hand casting, the set includes a porcelain jug and optional lid, as well as a gold titanium coffee filter from Osaka Coffee.

Inspired by the way different components interact during the ritual of making coffee, the Press Brewer fits together neatly and smartly, calling to mind a stackable russian doll, but with a decidedly more minimal flavour. The set is available in stone grey or gloss white glaze porcelain, and is priced at $450 New Zealand Dollars, or $510 with the lid. The Kamp site assures users that each item is custom made to order, allowing imperfections from the hand casting and glazing process to make each set unique.

The Osaka coffee filter is equally elegant. Available in gold titanium, the Japanese-design Osaka Gold Cone Dripper will impress even the most selective coffee-lover. The double-walled mesh promises a fuller tasting coffee than paper filters, plus the obvious benefits of fewer trips to the store, and less waste per cup brewed.

If you’re looking to really splash out, the entire Press Brewer set pairs beautifully with the Kemp Collection’s Press Espresso Set, made up of an espresso cup and saucer and the Poise Tea Spoon. Like the Press Brewer, each of these pieces is 3D printed and then hand-cast in porcelain, save for the teaspoon which is finished in raw bronze or brass.

Like all of Kamp’s sculptural collections, the new Kemp Collection continues to follow the studio’s ethos of “explorative, ethical, elegant.” Broken down, those terms translate to an environmentally conscious yet refined aesthetic practice, and an ongoing investigation into new ideas, concepts and processes.

Everything is designed at Daniel Kamp’s studio in Auckland, New Zealand, then manufactured in New York City.



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Lu wrote at 2/7/2019 11:24:51 PM:

Are the materials used to make this food safe? Can the handle the heat of the hot water?

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