Mar 5, 2017 | By Julia

If you simply can’t wait for summer to get here, check out interior designer Paula Szarejko’s new 3D printed flower lamps. These bright, LED-powered modular lights are inspired by hollyhock flowers, effectively creating an already-blooming home garden for those of us who might lack a green thumb.

The smart floral design achieves an uplifting, organic feel that promises to brighten the ambiance of your kitchen, living room, or bedroom. Each of the three lampshades is paper-thin and translucent, in order to best maximize the amount of light emitted from the 3W LED bulbs. A 12V power supply is concealed in the base of the lamp, which effectively hides any unsightly wires or electronics, and keeps with the lamp’s natural themes.

Beyond its garden-home character, it’s als worth noting that the Polish maker cleverly emphasized modularity in her 3D printed design. Szarejko designed interchangeable components for a floor lamp and a smaller sconce, allowing the lamp to function both as a reading light and chandelier.

The 3D printed flower lamps can also be reshaped as DIYers see fit. By using 3D printed threads rather than glue to join the printed parts, Szarejko offers customers the option of experimenting with different patterns, shapes, and arrangements. Likewise, all repairs that may be needed can be done by simply reprinting and replacing whichever part is required. In this case, modularity also equals sustainability, emphasizing reuse and recycling over the purchase of new products.

Szarejko used the ZMorph 2.0 SX multitool desktop 3D printer (with the 1.75 mm Plastic Extruder) for this project and PLA filaments. By selecting a cool, slick gray for the stand and a translucent natural colour for the lampshades, the designer ensured the flower lamps would work in every corner of the home, whether as an elegant background decoration or an eye-catching centrepiece.

As part of her creative process, Szarejko also experimented with the DUAL PRO toolhead to create colourful lampshades with a colour mixing feature, which she then scaled down as a set of decorative fairy lights.

a colourful, scaled down fairy light version

Overall, the modular design represents a step forward for the Polish interior designer, who is best known for working with 3D printed jewellry and other accessories. With that in mind, we’ll definitely call this a step in the right direction for her. By equally weighting tasteful aesthetics, smart design, and forward-thinking durability, Szarejko successfully shows the elegant possibilities of getting creative with a desktop 3D printer. Plus, who can resist the vibrancy of these summer-soaked hollyhock forms?



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