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Since its worldwide release last week, the Nintendo Switch has enjoyed strong sales but mixed reviews, many of which point out irritating design flaws in the console. Makers are already popping up with 3D printed Nintendo Switch accessories designed to solve these problems.

Following up the tremendous success of Wii was always going to be a challenge. Would Nintendo make another family-friendly console, or would it attempt to build a more powerful gaming machine à la Sony and Microsoft? By October of last year, we had our answer: Nintendo’s new machine would be a “hybrid” console, somewhere between a full-fledged TV console, a Gameboy, and a tablet. Players would be able to reassemble the modular system in different ways depending on how and where they wanted to play, “switching” things up, as it were.

Since its much-anticipated release last week, the Nintendo Switch has received good-to-mixed reviews. Gamers love the new and immersive version of Zelda and the ease with which the console can switch between modes, but have been less enthusiastic about the tiny games catalogue, not to mention a few glaring technical problems. So far, the biggest problem seems to be a shaky connection with the left “Joy-Con” controller, but players have also reported dead pixels, low wi-fi strength, and a dodgy kickstand.

3D printing can’t solve connection problems, but it can certainly help with kickstand issues—and a few extra things too. The last few days have therefore seen a number of makers popping up on 3D printing model platforms, sharing helpful 3D printable accessories for the Nintendo Switch. More are sure to appear in the near future, but we’ve listed a few of the more popular ones below.

3D printed Nintendo Switch accessory #1: Charging docks / stands

Gamers have a gripe with Nintendo’s official kickstand. It’s flimsy, it doesn’t sit at the right angle, and—inexplicably—you can’t charge while the console is docked, because the port sits on the underside. Here are some better, 3D printed ones.

Nintendo Switch Charging Dock by ObiOneKenoobie

Nintendo Switch Portable Charging Stand by Ospi

Nintendo Switch Gaming Stand by fluffygryphon

3D printed Nintendo Switch accessory #2: D-pad and joystick mods

Another problem with the “Joy-Con” of the Nintendo Switch is its shallow joystick and lack of D-pad. Fix those problems with these 3D printed accessories.

D-Pad Mod by EmperorFaiz

Joystick Extender by EmperorFaiz

3D printed Nintendo Switch accessory #3: Ergonomic Joy-Con grips

The Nintendo Switch Joy-Cons slot nicely into the rails of the console, allowing for easy connecting and disconnecting. Unfortunately, holding that bare connecting edge is hardly the height of comfort. Accordingly, makers have made some 3D printed Nintendo Switch grips.

Nintendo Switch Ergo Pro Handle by Helder L. Santos

Switch Controller Accessory by Martin Moore

3D printed Nintendo Switch accessory #4: Mounts

The Nintendo Switch is being marketed as a versatile gaming platform you can use anywhere. How about the car? These 3D printed Nintendo Switch mounts let you safely attach the console where you need it.

Nintendo Switch Car Mount by realswaggy

Nintendo Switch Wall Shelf by boydievonboyd

3D printed Nintendo Switch accessory #5: Protective case

A flimsy kickstand is annoying, but the Nintendo Switch’s plastic screen is seen by some as totally unacceptable. To prevent it from getting scratched up in no time, makers have made some 3D printed protective cases for the new Nintendo console. Here’s one of the better ones:

Nintendo Switch Case (Zelda Edition) by GamerGirlNikki

3D printed Nintendo Switch accessory #6: Dog face

Upon seeing previews of the Nintendo Switch, many observers noted how the console with Joy-Cons attached looks like a dog. With this not-useful-at-all 3D printed attachment, it does so even more.

Nintendo Switch Dog Swoof Pin by Cainedna

With the Nintendo Switch now flying off the shelves, expect more 3D printed accessories to follow.



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