Mar 14, 2017 | By Julia

A Toronto-based startup known as Revo Toys has launched a new line of 3D printed fidget spinners. The Revo Spinner is now backable on crowd-funding site Kickstarter, with early bird specials starting at $29 CAD.

For those unfamiliar with fidget spinners, the hand-held toys are designed to help focus attention, increase creativity and keep fidgeting fingers busy. As an effective self-regulation tool, spinners are considered to promote focus, concentration, and decrease stress, through a calming and satisfying rotation in the user’s hand. Musicians and writers have also sworn by the popular handheld devices, which can be used as “warm-up” tools to improve fine motor skills.

The Revo spinner sets itself apart from other spinners mainly via its production methods -- namely, 3D printing.

Launched in 2016, Revo founders Vinh and Bryan were intent on creating the best 3D printed fidget spinner in the world, say the two Canadian makers on their website. “[We] wanted to create 3D printed toys that are ergonomic, fun and can be enjoyed everywhere.”

The Revo spinner’s first iteration began with open-sourced files from Thingiverse, which eventually became the early Revo spinners R2 and D2, released in November 2016.

Revo’s R2 and D2 spinners enjoyed fast-spread popularity, inspiring their makers to create improved designs with upgraded materials. In January 2017, Revo underwent a redesign process based on customer feedback.

The resultant product was the newly launched Revo Spinner, which now boasts beveled edges and a redesigned curved profile, which Vinh and Bryan say allows for a more comfortable and satisfying spinning experience.

Three weighted outer arms add stability to the frame as well, which is centred by a 608 hybrid Si3n4 ceramic bearing. Perhaps best of all, the new Revo Spinner is available in an impressive array of materials and colours, including luminous carbon fiber (black), colour-changing PLA (blue, gray, pink, and natural), and glow in the dark (blue, white and green) options. Revo Spinner users are also promised a lifetime warranty on all frames.

So far, the Kickstarter campaign is already well off the ground, and its founders are optimistic of the results. “We want to involve everyone in our creation process and do something fun,” Vinh said in a statement.

Among the available backer rewards is the glory of contributing to the creation of the world’s largest spinner. “We’ll attempt to make the world’s largest fidget spinner by offering a support pledge,” says Vinh. “Every dollar from this pledge will go toward making this spinner. A pledge of $5 will add 5mm to the diameter of the spinner. As long as the pledges keep coming in, we’ll keep adding. It’s super exciting to do something as fun as this.”

Check out the Revo Spinner Kickstarter campaign here.



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Smith James wrote at 5/18/2017 8:38:52 AM:

Fidget toys are probably one of my favorite things at the moment, I have a few different things on my desk at work to keep my idle hands busy and to stop fiddling with pens or whatever else I can get my hands on. They're also claimed to be good to help with anxiety, autism and ADHD.

Griffen wrote at 4/20/2017 1:39:35 AM:

Show how much the spinners cost and were to buy them please

toxic wrote at 3/21/2017 10:35:59 AM:

so they bought stocks from taobao, aliexpress and 'sell' them on kickstarter?

Snapshopper wrote at 3/15/2017 1:23:27 PM:

Would love to see how they come up with the price. 22 US$ seems to be pretty expensive when you can get injection molded and even CNC milled full metal fidget spinners for half the price on amazon... At least to me, it does not look like the 3D printing offers anything special to the design they have, except that the part finish of a 3D print looks ugly compared to a smooth injection molded part.

I.AM.Magic wrote at 3/15/2017 8:06:44 AM:

I'm pretty sure he said "milliliter" @ 2:12; canadians still have a metric system issue? Can somebody explain to me the point of fidget? They are getting popular but I don't understand them.

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