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We’re always excited to see companies develop new solutions for 3D printing projects, particularly ones that make use of automated, 'smart' processes. The latest release from Coobx, does just that, with a unique method for UV curing 3D printed materials. Their Exigo 3D printer boasts a whole host of other impressive features.

Based in Liechtenstein, Coobx has over 20 years’ experience in the manufacturing industry, producing a wide range of machine tools and parts. Its expertise is now being applied to creating state-of-the-art 3D printing solution, and the Exigo 3D printer is its most impressive achievement to date. Far from being just a standard 3D printer, the Exigo allows the whole production process, from the design phase to the final touches, to be planned and programmed into the machine.

Pre-processing can be taken care of due to the Exigo’s powerful onboard CPU. All a user needs to do is upload their 3D design files into the system. The model can then be internally sliced and prepared for 3D printing with the help of unique support structure generation software that is optimized for use with the Exigo 3D printer. The user also has a large amount of control over the settings for the 3D printing, which can be changed during the job. After printing is complete, manufacturers can take advantage of the specially designed clean-and-cure kit that Coobx provides with the Exigo. This features all sorts of useful tools, Isopropyl, and more.

The major factor that will set the Exgio 3D printer apart from other products on the market is its LIFT technology. LIFT stands for Light Initiated Fabrication Technology, and it suggests a whole realm of new possibilities for stereolithography, as well as an unprecedented standard of production. "Generally it's a top-down machine like the early SLA resin machines, but we've implemented the build box, which has a specific atmospheric pressure inside," Marco Schmid, Coobx CEO and head of R&D explains to us. "It's a fully enclosed build chamber, and thanks to this,
materials with high viscosities (like thick honey) can be processed with ease. This also makes it easier to change materials, and much cleaner."

The technology allows the Exigo to calculate important elements like curing time, intensity and layer height in real time, based on measurements of the layer currently being printed. This full automation of the process allows for a perfect surface finish and high tolerances. The Life box feature also allows for the effects of oxygen inhibition to be integrated into the 3D printing process as standard.

The modularity of the Exigo’s workflow means that it will be easy to scale and to integrate into existing manufacturing processes. Schmid is excited about the potential for the Exigo to be implemented in new areas. ‘’Easy to handle, highly accurate and groundbreaking new material possibilites concerning viscosity and infill grade are possible’’, he declared.

Not only is the Exigo impressively accurate, it is also one of the fastest machines on the market. Build speed has been optimized by Coobx to the extent that the Exigo passes the 300mm/hour mark with ease. A key part of this speed is using the appropriate resins for the task. Coobx collaborated with German materials specialist Dreve in order to develop the best possible materials, specially adapted for use with the Exigo system. Different products are available depending on what kind of project the Exigo will be used for. Eight different resins are available for manufacturing in the healthcare industry, while there are 5 unique materials available for industrial applications. Two different versions of the machine are also available for healthcare or industrial manufacturers, with the same basic functionality but different sizes. The build height is 110mm for medical purposes, and 340mm for the industrial machine.

  • Build envelope: 154 x 86 x 110mm (Medical) / 154 x 86 x 340mm (Industrial)
  • Print speed: up to > 300mm/h
  • XY Resolution +/- 10 microns to +/- 40 microns
  • Auto focused, high-power LED Light Engine
  • Autonomous CPU core unit to process all data internally

The Coobx Exigo 3D printer is available to purchase now, and it looks to be an important step forward for the 3D printing industry, offering one of the most advanced stereolithography processes yet.



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