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Not a day goes by without an innovative startup or passionate hobbyist embarking on a new project that makes use of the latest 3D printing technology. Here are a selection of some of the most interesting Kickstarter campaigns that have been launched recently.


3D printing projects on Kickstarter #1: HexBay X-Wing miniatures storage solution

This project presents a practical and aesthetically pleasing storage solution for strategy gaming enthusiasts. Specifically designed for miniature X-Wing models, these 3D printed lightweight plastic containers have a unique shape that allows them to be stacked and interlocked, saving space vertically and horizontally.

According to maker Jean-Noel Seneque, his hexagonal design means that any case can connect with any other, regardless of size. This makes it an extremely flexible storage solution that will be indispensable for full-time strategy gamers who regularly travel to battle it out with a variety of different ships at their disposal. 

Pledgers will receive rewards based on a points system that Seneque has devised. The more money is pledged, the more points are received, and the more figurine cases you can buy.There are 19 days left to go of the campaign, and $10,159 has already been pledged. This is well in excess of the $3,600 target, so we should be seeing this project on the market sometime in the near future.

Time left: 19 days 


3D printing projects on Kickstarter #2: World’s first 3D printed castle

This project will make use of the latest in 3D printed concrete technology to build a replica of the castle belonging to everyone’s favourite fictional vampire, Dracula. The castle is based on one located in Romania that tourists and fans of the novel and films flock to, and this Minnesota-based construction company intend for the 3D printed building to be used as a hotel.

According to its pitch, the company recently devised an entirely new method of 3D printing concrete, that will now allow it to implement all kinds of elaborate designs. This faithful reconstruction of an ancient castle is something that just a few years ago would have been far too ambitious to be realized.

Pledges of $40 or more will receive a miniature 3D printed model of the full-size castle. Those giving $100 or more will be designated as a ‘Medieval Founder’ and see their name engraved on the castle walls. If you pledge at least $500, one night’s free stay in the hotel can be yours, along with the title of "Royal Founder." Over $1000 gets you the title of "Castle Knight" and two free nights in the hotel.

Time left: 30 days


3D printing projects on Kickstarter #3: The Titan Pen

This is a 3D printed ball-point pen, with a unique internally concealed bolt mechanism. Available in titanium or nylon, the pen has a sleek, ergonomic design that is sure to turn heads. It measures 125 mm by 10 mm.

According to founder Mike Smoothy, discreetly hiding the bolt mechanism insde the pen is more aesthetically pleasing and offers the writing hand a higher level of comfort than with traditional bolt mechanisms. The bolt has a dual function, as it can allow the refill to be extended and also to be changed when empty.

Pledge £24: First 10 backers receive nylon pen with D1 refill, in a personalized gift box. Economy P&P is completely free of charge. Next 25 backers will receive second batch of pen.

Pledge £149: First 10 backers receive titanium pen with D1 refill, in a personalized gift box. Worldwide premium shipping is free of charge. Next 25 backers will receive second batch.

Time left: 27 hours


3D printing projects on Kickstarter #4: Lula Mobile Tripod System

An abbreviation for the Lunar Lander that it resembles, the Lula is an ingenious 3D printed tripod support to hold all kinds of mobile device at home or in the office. It has a solid but lightweight frame made of aluminum and stainless steel, and is available in six different colors.

Founder Shane Poindexter says '‘Lula is the perfect platform for the maker community. The interchangeable parts and multiple threaded holes makes customizing with 3D printed or machined parts extremely easy.'' So the already huge range of uses that the Lula offers can be expanded indefinitely, depending on what users want to do with the tripod. The tightness of its grip is easily adjustable, and the legs can be altered to balance on any surface

Pledge $25 or more: Receive a Lula T-shirt

Pledge $45 or more: Receive a Lula tripod kit, ready to be assembled. Pledging $180 will get you 2 of these, and $450 gets you 5.

Time left: 11 days


3D printing projects on Kickstarter #5: Zimpure Filtering system for 3D printers

This is an affordable plug-and-play filtering solution for 3D printers. Getting rid of any noxious gases that might be produced during the FDM 3D printing process, this device is easy to use and compatible with a wide range of different machines.

According to Zimple, Zimpure has been certified to filter 99% of particles and over 90% of gases that issue from 3D printers, after being tested in a specialized air pollution laboratory. It makes use of two different filters. The fan is powerful but quiet, and all the user needs to do is find the right suction head to suit their particular model of 3D printer.

Pledge $99 or more: receive 1 Zimpure, Super early bird offer. Depending on how early the pledge is made, you can receive 1 or more Zimpures for $119 and up.

Pledge $990 or more: Special Resellers offer. Receive 10 Zimpures


3D printing projects on Kickstarter #6: LittleArm Big miniature robotic arm

This 3D printed robotic arm is desktop sized and can be used for a variety of purposes by technology hobbyists or for education. It’s a bigger version of Slant Robotics’ successful Little Arm robot, which can be hooked up to a computer and easily programmed for a number of mechanical functions. It also comes with a speech facility.

According to Slant Robotics, '‘The LittleArm Big is a large-sized Arduino robot arm. It has been designed to be a desktop robot arm that is fun and even practical but also reliable as an educational tool in higher level robotics education.'' Software has been designed specifically to work with the arm, and its interface is so simple that children as young as seven years old can get to grips with it and start learning about robotics in a fun and accessible way.

Pledge $12 or more: Receive a Gripper Kit, ready to assemble

Pledge $95 or more: Receive a Maker Kit

Pledge $119 or more: Receive a full assembly kit, with all the 3D printed parts and the Bluetooth module.

Pledge $159 or more: Receive a pre-assembled Little Arm Big, ready to be used

Pledge $215 or more: Receive Maker Kit and Full Kit

Pledge $550 or more: Receive a classroom set, with 5 Little Arm Big kits.

Time left: 19 hours



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