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Indian fashion jewelry brand Isharya has announced its first foray into 3D printed jewelry with the launch of its latest collection: Infinite Petals. The additively manufactured accessories are being unveiled today at the brand’s Summer Edit event in Mumbai.

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Isharya was founded in 2004 by sisters-in-law Gauri and Radhika Tandon, who set out to design and handcraft stunning accessories that seamlessly combine traditional and modern styles. The brand has been recognized by various fashion publications and has been worn by many celebs, including Paris Hilton, Emma Roberts, JK Rowling, and Viola Davis, to name only a few.

Now, with the unveiling of its first 3D printed collection at a private showcase, Isharya is taking its jewelry making to a whole new (and more technological) level. As the jewelry designers explain, to make the 3D printed accessories, hand drawn sketches of the pieces were first transformed into 3D models, which were then 3D printed out of a nylon material. The nylon prototypes were then cast in brass and gold plated to make the final pieces.

As we’ve seen many times before, 3D modeling and printing technologies open up a wealth of design possibilities, as they allow for more intricate and complex structures and details to be manufactured. As Gauri told Elle India, “The benefit of [3D printing] is that you can achieve shapes and sizes that are not always possible with hand-crafted work. And you can print out as many as you want, as quickly as you want.”

As more and more jewelry designers turn to 3D printing to prototype and craft their pieces, it is not too surprising that Isharya has taken the plunge, especially considering that Gauri has been interested in the technology for some time. As she explains, she has long been fascinated with 3D printing, and was eager to integrate it into her own work. It wasn’t all easy, though.

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“We had to do a lot of research, because there are very few factories that execute 3D printing in India and even fewer who know how to get it right,” the jewelry designer explains. “We needed to find that one designer who would be able to understand what we needed, and deliver it perfectly.”

Now, after a year of working on Infinite Petals, Isharya is ready to debut its 3D printed collection, which features floral-inspired rings, necklaces, bracelets, and earrings.

Interestingly, while 3D printing often offers designers a more cost-effective way of working, the cost of 3D printing jewelry in India is currently more than having it handmade. Therefore, to give their latest collection a “fair chance,” Isharya has priced the 3D printed pieces at roughly the same cost as their regular collections. “We want to see how the audience reacts, and then we'll consider investing more effort into this technology,” said Gauri.



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