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Whether the winter snow is just starting to melt or the flowers are already blooming, there is no question that springtime is in the air, and that Easter is just right around the corner. Last year, we shared some of our favorite 3D printable Easter and springtime models with our readers, and, after seeing some pretty great new 3D designs, we thought we’d do the same again this year. After all, what better way to get creative on Easter than with painted eggs, yummy chocolate, and some festive 3D prints!

If you’ve made any fun Easter or Spring-themed 3D prints this year, feel free to share them in the comments below.


Free 3D Printable Models for Easter #1: 3D printed spinning Easter egg

Whether you’ve opted for a vegan Easter or are simply looking to diversify your decorative egg collection, we recommend checking out these wizzing 3D printed easter egg gimbals. Designed by Instructables user Makerneer, the 3D printed easter spinners are composed of 4 moving parts, and can be 3D printed in one go without supports.

Though settings may vary from printer to printer, Makermeer has provided the following suggested print settings for the spinning eggs: 15% infill, extrusion temperature of 195°C (PLA) or 225°C (ABS), a bed temperature of 45°C (PLA) or 90°C (ABS), and a speed of 50mm per second.

While you can print solid colors for the eggs, you can also print the egg parts in different colors to mix and match the spinning gimbals. If you’re feeling extra ambitious, you can even follow Makermeer’s design guidelines to custom-make your own spinning egg template.


Free 3D Printable Models for Easter #2: 3D printed Easter egg puzzle

Another great Instructables find for this year’s Easter celebrations is this 3D printable egg-shaped puzzle, designed by Italian structural engineer Andrea Biffi. In her tutorial, Biffi demonstrates how makers can use Rhinoceros 3D modeling software and its Grasshopper plug-in to generate subdivisions for a 3D shape (such as a cube or an egg!). The design process does involve some knowledge of 3D modeling software, and Biffi warns that even when printed there is no guarantee the puzzle will work (in other words, it might take a few tries to get the puzzle print settings correct).

If you do try to 3D print your own egg puzzle, feel free to get creative with different colors of filament (or even painting the final product!).


Free 3D Printable Models for Easter #3: 3D printed Easter egg painting station

The centuries-old tradition of painting Easter eggs gets a 3D printed update with this fun 3D printable egg painting kit. That’s right, you can retire that old wire spoon you fish out every year for dyeing Easter eggs and get your 3D printer running instead. The 3D printed painting station (modeled by Thingiverse user Franc Falco) consists of a broken egg-shell holder, and a spilled yoke paint pots, combining function with cuteness.

The 3D model itself is made up of four segments, which can be printed separately and assembled. To print his own egg painting station, Falco used a MakerBot Replicator 2 3D printer and printed the pieces at 20% infill, 0.2 mm resolution, and with supports for the springs. He also suggests printing the spring and clamp parts (which hold the actual egg in place) at a higher resolution than the rest.

The scale of Falco’s egg paint kit is designed to fit a UK medium/large sized egg. You can always scale the model up or down if necessary. And, of course, you can choose what colors to print the model in.


Free 3D Printable Models for Easter #4: 3D printed creme egg case

For a slightly simpler project, we suggest this adorable 3D printed creme egg holder, which doubles as a spinning top. The small, creme-egg sized gift box consists of a circular base and a series of interchangeable egg-shaped tops, each of which features a different pattern. While receiving a Cadbury creme egg is exciting enough, imagine the fun of being given one that is inside an egg-shaped 3D printed box.

Designed by maker Seth Lilleker (aka hokum), the 3D printed creme egg case is still a work in progress, so it is possible we’ll see updates for the model soon. At present, Lilleker has offered the following print settings for his Easter-themed 3D print: 0.2mm resolution, 10% infill, and no supports or rafts. If you decide to 3D print this cute gift box, make sure that the STL files are properly oriented before hitting print.


Free 3D Printable Models for Easter #5: 3D printed bunny lamp

If you’re looking for a way to brighten up your Easter celebrations why not take the literal approach and make a 3D printed Easter-themed lamp? We’ve got a couple of suggestions if you are interested:

First, this 3D printed low-poly bunny lamp is one of our favorites (and we’re not even talking just for Easter). The light, which uses a simple tBulb B light (which can be found online for about $17), stands at about 146 x 117 x 165 mm and consists of four main 3D printed components: the bunny, the base, and two pins. The original design was uploaded to Thingiverse by Toolmoon (the makers of the tBulb B), and recommends printing the lamp shade at 100% infill with rafts but no supports. (They also have a range of other springtime-themed lampshades, including a duck, and a lovely art nouveau style flower lamp.

Of course, if you can’t get your hands on their specific lightbulb, you can always remix their model to accommodate a different light source, just as maker Laurent Goetz has.


Free 3D Printable Models for Easter #6: 3D printed blooming flower lamp

For a slightly more advanced 3D printed lamp project, you might want to consider this 3D printed blooming flower light. Intended as a night light, the glowing, articulated, and WiFi enabled lamp would also make for a magical springtime home accessory. The lamp was designed by maker Jason Suter, who said he created the piece for his soon-to-be-born daughter.

To make the articulated blooming flower lamp you’ll need a number of 3D printed parts (printed in a translucent material), as well as LEDs, resistors, a WiFi module, a power supply, and regulators. We won’t go into the full instructions for making the blooming flower lamp, as Suter’s Instructables tutorial goes into detail for each step. The maker also offers some alternative options in terms of the lamp’s electronics.


Free 3D Printable Models for Easter #7: 3D printed Easter cookie cutters

Whether or not you or your kids like 3D printed baubles, there is about a 0% chance that they won’t like Easter-themed cookies. Fortunately, this year you won’t have to spend money on expensive specialty cookie cutters because you can print your own. Thanks to some great 3D modeling by OogiMe, you have quite a few options for festive (and free) 3D printed cookie cutters.

OogiMe’s collection notably features an adorable 3D printed bunny cookie cutter, as well as an Easter egg cookie cutter pattern. (If you need a nice tray to display the cookies on, the maker profile has also uploaded the files for a 3D printed two-tiered dessert tray.) If you’re looking for a simpler cookie shape (say if you want to decorate them yourself), you can always opt for a regular rabbit cookie cutter design, such as this one.

If you decide to 3D print your own cookie cutters, we do recommend using a food safe material, and dipping the 3D printed cutter in flour before using (to avoid sticking).


Free 3D Printable Models for Easter #8: 3D printed Easter egg customizer

These free 3D printed Easter egg customizer applications could be a fun way to get your kids into the Easter spirit while also teaching them a bit about 3D design and modeling. If you’re into the idea, you have a couple tools to choose from. The first, called “Egg-O-Matic” was released last year and is an OpenSCAD customizer that lets you easily 3D print decorated eggs. What’s fun about this customizer is that users can even make multi-colored eggs by printing whole colored eggs with cut segments and take them apart to combine and swap colors.

Another more recent egg customizer is called “Easter egg maker 2017”. Available for download on Thingiverse, this application is also for OpenSCAD and allows its users to generate various different Easter egg patterns based off of different design parameters. It also allows for dual-extrusion printing, and lets users choose whether they want a hollow or whole 3D printed egg. Easter egg maker 2017 was uploaded just days ago, so it is still a work in progress.


Free 3D Printable Models for Easter #9: 3D printed Easter egg stand

Now that you’ve got your collection of customized 3D printed Easter eggs, you’re probably going to need somewhere to display them. For that, we’ve got a few options:

The first is a cute 3D printed egg stand that also has room for a small floral centerpiece. Designed by maker Tetiana Bulgakova, the simple make is composed of three parts: the flower-shaped egg holder, and two legs—which can be 3D printed in the colors of your choosing. Bulgakova 3D printed her own design using a Prusa i3 3D printer, and has suggested using 15% infill.

The second is a grass-inspired 3D printed Easter nest, which is an impressively simple but also adorable vessel for your Easter eggs or treats. The print is essentially a shallow bowl with a grass-like rim, which can be 3D printed in one shot. graph, the maker behind the design, has also uploaded a more elaborate version of the dish, which includes a 3D printed chocolate Easter bunny, and a number of different sized eggs.


Free 3D Printable Models for Easter #10: 3D printed DIY chocolate mold

At the risk of offending many, the most important thing (to me!) about Easter is, of course, the chocolate. Now that I am too old to trick or treat, Easter is one of the only holidays where I am still guaranteed some yummy, fun-shaped chocolate treats, and I do not take that for granted.

If you’re a chocolate enthusiast, you’re probably happy to scarf down any commercially wrapped treat (as I am), but if you’re feeling a bit more creative, perhaps the chance to mold your own Easter chocolates will be appealing.

Presented as a fun Easter craft idea for kids, Tech Age Kids blog has uploaded an easy-to-follow tutorial on how to make your own 3D printed molds for Easter-themed chocolates. Using a kid-friendly 3D modeling software, you can help your child to make a model of a bunny or other springtime icon. From there, you can transform the model into a 3D printable mold using OpenSCAD. To ensure your chocolate mold is food-safe, you can cast food-safe silicone into the 3D printed mold (wait a few days for it to solidify) and then voila, you’ve got yourself a customized Easter mold, ready to be filled with delicious chocolate.

We hope you have a hoppy Easter!



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