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BeeHex, a 3D printed pizza specialist that was once affiliated with NASA, is collaborating with cauliflower pizza crust company Cali’Flour to develop a 3D printed vegan pizza crust. The companies recently demonstrated the 3D printing process at a sold-out event in Columbus, Ohio.

Cali'flour partners with BeeHex on 3D printed vegan pizza crust

You might think BeeHex and its 3D printed pizzas are the future of food. You might, on the other hand, think that BeeHex (along with similar “niche” 3D printing companies) is dragging 3D printing down into the depths of pure novelty. Either way, it’s hard to ignore the now Columbus-based company, what with its frankly bizarre backstory and headline-grabbing 3D food printer.

If you aren’t familiar with the food 3D printing company by now, here’s the gist: in 2013, the group of engineers that would eventually form BeeHex were awarded a grant from NASA to develop a 3D printer that could print food in space for hungry astronauts. Yum. Later on, members of Congress noticed this had happened, decided it was a colossal waste of money, and hastily pulled the plug on the project. The BeeHex crew rallied, continued their research, and decided to make a terrestrial food 3D printer instead. This 3D printer now 3D prints customizable pizzas at concerts and sporting events.

The BeeHex pizza-making 3D printer

In what will surely be music to the ears of vegans everywhere, BeeHex has now announced a partnership will cauliflower crust specialist Cali’Flour that will see it 3D printing vegan pizzas crusts (and plant-based dessert doughs.) The two companies recently showcased their new printed foodstuffs in front of a 300-strong crowd at GroundWork, a nonprofit-friendly IT firm based in Columbus.

“Cali’Flour represents the type of forward-thinking collaborations we’re looking for,” commented BeeHex CEO Anjan Contractor. “Their organic, plant-based approach to crusts appeals to vegan and health-conscious markets that appear ready to grow tenfold over the next year.”

BeeHex says its work with Cali’Flour is a continuation of its commitment to making fresh food products whose calories can be easily counted. More importantly, the 300 spectators witnessing the first BeeHex 3D printed vegan pizza crusts seemed to be impressed. Perhaps they just came for free pizza, but 300 attendees for a product launch can’t be scoffed at.

Pizzas 3D printed by BeeHex (non-vegan)

“The team at BeeHex combines the authenticity and technological capability that it takes to revolutionize how food is made,” said Cali’Flour founder Amy Lacey, who even suggested that the BeeHex pizza printing system made dough better than human hands. “Anjan, Jordan French, Ben Feltner, and Chintan Kanuga are rapidly building out what could be the next major ‘platform play’ in the Internet of Things space in a way that lets people personalize their foods.”

After raising $1 million in a funding round at the beginning of March, BeeHex moved its headquarters to Columbus. To complement its pizza printing powers, the company is now working on a fine-point dessert 3D printer for frostings, cakes, and other desserts.



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