Apr 28, 2017 | By Benedict

Diego Valdes, a mechanical engineer and cosplay lover, has designed a 3D printed version of Gray Fox’s helmet from Metal Gear Solid. The prop contains 12 3D printed parts.

From its humble late-eighties beginnings on the MSX2 computer, right up to the forthcoming Metal Gear Survive installment on eighth-generation consoles, the Metal Gear franchise has endeared itself to many a gamer over the years.

If you’re one of those gamers, you’ll no doubt enjoy this fantastic cosplay prop from engineer Diego Valdes. The tech wizard and Metal Gear fanatic has used 3D printing to create an ultra-detailed Gray Fox helmet, complete with lights, switches, and ultra-smooth facial transitions.

Unsurprisingly, a lot of work went into Valdes’ 3D printed Metal Gear helmet—seven months of it, to be precise. And it wasn’t just a case of designing a detailed 3D model: the stuff in the helmet really works. Just watch in the video below as the helmet’s visor pops out to reveal Valdes’ face underneath.

Valdes says he achieved the incredible feat “by combining parametric 3D modeling, SLS rapid prototyping, silicone molds, and an AVR microcontroller to drive lights and servos.”

And while the maker hasn’t shared the entire workflow or STL files for the design, he says he’s happy to encourage others “to experiment with 3D modeling software and programming” by uploading time-lapse videos and discussing the project with other makers.

The super-detailed helmet consists of 12 3D printed parts, sanded and painted for a beautiful finish, and several silicone pieces made with 3D printed molds. Seven LED boards, a USB charger, an Adafruit Trinket, and a few servos make up the electronic sections of the prop.

(Images: Diego Valdes)

Unfortunately, Valdes’ friends probably won’t be borrowing the stylish Metal Gear prop any time soon, since the maker modeled the design around a 3D scan of his own head. However, they (and many others) did get a chance to see the headgear in action when Valdes wore it to January’s Emerald City Comic Con in downtown Seattle.

Earlier this year, student Jackson Gordon 3D printed a prosthetic hand inspired by Metal Gear character Venom Snake. The design was made for an unnamed recipient who was born without a left hand, and Gordon made the STL files available for free.

Valdes is currently working on the rest of Gray Fox’s outfit.



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