Apr 28, 2017 | By Tess

The owners of a dog who was found bleeding to death after being shot several times in Hammamet, Tunisia are asking the 3D printing community to help give their pup a second chance at life with the help of 3D printed prosthetics.

In 2015, Sally the dog was found on the brink of death on the streets of Hammamet in Tunisia, where she had reportedly been shot and brutalized by municipal police. The poor pup, whose legs were damaged and who was bleeding profusely from a gunshot wound to the head, was close to being left for dead.

Fortunately, an animal rescue team found Sally just in time and was able to transport her to a local animal shelter, where she was treated in emergency for her most serious wounds. There, a veterinarian surgeon was able to remove most of the bullet shards from her head and legs, though the damage to her elbow joints was so severe and complicated that the vet could not repair them, leaving them fused together.

That was far from the end of Sally’s journey, however, as the resilient pup was taken charge of by Rescue Animals of North Africa (RANA), which arranged for her to be treated in Europe for long-term care. Just over a year after her traumatic experience, Sally was brought to British animal rescue charity Wolfie’s Legacy, where the Morris family found her.

Ed and Tania Morris, a married couple who care for a number of disabled pets, adopted Sally earlier this month and have been desperately trying to find her the care she needs in order to walk properly again. After professional consultation, however, it seemed that surgery was out of the question because of the complex condition of Sally’s front legs.

Now, one potential solution to help Sally regain her mobility is a 3D printed prosthetic. Tania explained, “I have seen a set of 3D printed legs (or rockers) on a dog with a similar condition where the elbows are fused. The mobility and freedom they provide is truly life changing. Sally has normal shoulder movement, so the dream would be someone who could develop and create a set of 3D rockers for her.”

Unsure of where best to find 3D printed prosthetics for Sally, Ed and Tania have set up a GoFundMe crowdfunding campaign through which they are not only seeking to raise money but to find people and organizations who have the means to design and create prosthetics for their dog. “These prosthetics have been achieved in the USA, surely there's a UK company who might be willing and capable of helping Sally?” reads the crowdfunding page.

Tania Morris and Sally

(Images: Harvey Hook/HotSpot Media)

Currently, Sally is getting around using her back legs and elbows, which provides her with some mobility, but is also taxing on her delicate elbow skin. The Morris family are hoping that a more permanent solution presents itself. Who knows, perhaps Channel 4’s The Supervet will catch wind of the inspiring story and offer its help.



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