May 1, 2017 | By Julia

Dutch animation studio Job, Joris & Marieke – who you might know from their Oscar-nominated short film A Single Life (2015) – has released a new series of looped videos featuring 3D printed models. Created for “Go Home” and “Easy Way Out,” the new songs from 11-person Dutch pop band Happy Camper, the clever stop motion loops are full of character and symbolism.

As the single, “Easy Way Out” stands out as a catchy, upbeat pop refrain. The video features an adorable egg-like, 3D printed figure running gracefully in slow motion, with his arms stretched out in front of him. Happy Camper describe the new single as “a song about the moment you lose your intuition,” when thinking about which next step would be the right one.

Accompanying B-side “Go Home,” on the other hand, is decidedly more jazzy. The opening line “waking up alone once more, you thought you could be wrong” rings true with the serious yet empowering tone of the song. Here, the 3D printed figurine is lying face down in the stop-motion video loop, swimming a slow breaststroke on repeat.

Whereas many film studios have gone the route of 3D printed models lately, most approach the additive manufacturing process from the perspective of concealing all the handiwork involved. In place of the dominant notion that film models and props (3D printed or otherwise) should look real, organic, and polished, Job, Joris & Marieke took a decidedly different approach.

“The inspiration for these loops arose from the 3D printing process [itself],” Job Roggeveen told 3ders. “Often support structures are used to print objects with overhanging parts. This means an object is supported by branch-like structures that are meant to be removed later on.”

“In the loops we created we did not remove the the support structures from the characters. We kept them to symbolize the crutches and limitations that impede our daily lives… or the much-needed boost that helps us cope and persevere, a theme that repeatedly occurs in the new Happy Camper songs,” Roggeveen explained.

For the months of April and May, the stop motion animations, as well as the featured 3D prints, will be exhibited in “The Small Museum,” located in the front room of Amsterdam’s famous music venue Paradiso. Job, Joris & Marieke will also be presenting the work at a special expo event. Those in Amsterdam can catch the exhibit till May 28.



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