May 12, 2017 | By Tess

Whispering Gibbon, a 3D software development company based in Newcastle, England, has received a “six-figure” investment from Creative England, a not-for-profit organization dedicated to supporting the UK’s creative industries. The funding will help Whispering Gibbon launch its innovative 3D printing software, RenderFab, which allows users to automatically transform digital content into 3D printable models.

Whispering Gibbon’s patent-pending RenderFab software could be a game changer in the 3D printing industry, as it effectively turns what would be a time-consuming manual process (3D modeling an object using CAD) into an automated process. Basically, the program will let users transform on-screen digital 3D models (say, a character from a video game, or an architectural design) into a ready-to-print model.

Understandably, the UK-based company has received a notable amount of attention within the creative and tech worlds; last year it secured a large investment from NorthStar Ventures and was featured in a Creative England campaign that highlighted England’s prominent creative companies. Now, with a new six-figure investment from Creative England, Whispering Gibbon is readying to launch its innovative 3D printing software.

“The latest round of investment has allowed us to successfully trial this patent pending technology with key partners and focus on bringing it to market for everyone,” commented Joe Stevens, the founder of Whispering Gibbon. “Up to now there has always been a manual process to ‘hand-fix’ any kind of customized 3D model which is costly and time consuming. By fully automating the process our platform keeps costs down ensuring each 3D model uses the least material possible."

In addition to the RenderFab software, the company has also developed a plug-in called Grabit, which enables companies to sell customized 3D printed merchandise to their clients. According to Whispering Gibbon, Grabit can be used to “grab and share” on-screen content, which can then be 3D printed either as miniatures, figurines, or keyrings (for example), and delivered directly to the customer.

“The technology behind our Grabit platform allows businesses to sell personalized merchandise without taking on any risk,” said Stevens. “Using our plug-in avoids having to invest in costly technology or hold large amounts of stock. It also takes away the need for costly distribution channels and in-house expertise as our process is fully automated from start to finish.”

Next month, Whispering Gibbon plans to relaunch its website with a free version of RenderFab and Grabit. This trial will allow businesses and individuals to try out the 3D technology, to see whether it can be beneficial to them. “Over the coming months we will have some exciting announcements as we integrate the technology into some very well-known games,” Stevens added.

In addition to its gaming connections, Whispering Gibbon’s technology also has potential for use in the fields of architecture, medical devices, and manufacturing.



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