May 23, 2017 | By Tess

Bre Pettis, the co-founder and former CEO of 3D printing company MakerBot, has reportedly acquired Other Machine Co., a manufacturer of rapid tooling and milling machines based in Berkeley, California.

MakerBot founder and former CEO Bre Pettis

Pettis, who now runs his own 3D printed heirloom products company Bre & Co., will reportedly keep Other Machine Co.’s current CEO Dr. Danielle Applestone in charge of the company’s daily operations. The acquisition is apparently a way to enable the milling company’s growth whilst maintaining some independence from corporate forces.

“I started thinking of acquisition as a way to grow at least half a year ago,” Applestone said in an interview with TechCrunch. “Bre and I had had a relationship for a little while, and when I thought about who would be the best partner from year three to year five, he was someone who I had reached out to for advice. Since he was done working with Stratasys, it’s just kind of a natural thing.”

Other Machine Co. is known for producing a range of professional equipment for rapid prototyping and tooling applications, including the Othermill Pro. According to the company, its goal is to make digital desktop manufacturing and in-house prototyping as accessible as possible, especially in the fields of mechanical part engineering and PCB manufacturing.

Othermill Pro milling machine

The Othermill Pro, the company’s flagship product which retails for around $3,100, is designed for quickly and efficiently milling circuit boards, carving 3D shapes in metal and wood, making molds, and engraving. While it doesn’t feature any 3D printing capabilities at present, perhaps Pettis’ influence will push the company closer towards additive manufacturing.

For now, Pettis has offered the following statement: “I'm thrilled to have acquired Other Machine Co. The Othermill Pro is an amazing milling machine that is so accurate that electrical engineers can mill circuit boards with 6 mil traces and develop circuit boards faster than a circuit board service. I'm excited to be back in the arena supporting innovators.”

Applestone added: “I look forward to building on our commitment of accessible prototyping machines for professional engineers and empowering a generation of students who use the Othermill Pro to learn and make their ideas a reality.”

Danielle Applestone, CEO and founder of Other Machine Co.

Since the acquisition (which was for an undisclosed amount), Other Machine Co. has already made some significant steps towards expansion, including hiring an executive assistant and opening up a number of engineering positions. It is also rumored that the Berkeley-based company will perhaps soon be expanding its product offering.

A well-known figure in the maker community, Bre Pettis helped found 3D printing company MakerBot in 2009. After the company was acquired by Stratasys in 2013, Pettis stayed on board for another year before leaving MakerBot in 2014. Now, the 3D printing innovator operates his own 3D printed heirloom product website and is apparently still investing in manufacturing technologies.



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Illneverbuymakerbotagain wrote at 5/24/2017 5:38:09 PM:

Poor company, Bre will fire everyone that made the original company succeed and will then ruin whats left with his stupid "cult of done" mantra. (Look it up)

mick wrote at 5/24/2017 4:58:10 PM:

Thanks for the tip. Now I know to stay away from Other Machine Co

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