May 30, 2017 | By David

Russian 3D technology company Thor 3D has just entered into a partnership with Dream T&S, a Korean company renowned for its powerful long-range 3D scanning software. This international collaboration will see the two companies working together to simplify and streamline the process of 3D scanning and inspection on industrial markets.

Founded in 2005, Dream T&S is an engineering and software company with an R&D team that previously worked with such industry giants as Bentley and Autodesk. The company received acclaim a few years back for Point Shape Advanced, an application that enables relatively detailed images and large data sets, such as factory floors or highway projects, to be scanned and analyzed in a straightforward way.

Designed primarily for engineers, the software can automatically recognize certain complex features, such as the elaborate layout of pipes in an industrial plant or the ground topography of an intricate road system. This makes working on these environments much easier, as they can quickly be mapped out in advance.

This expertise transferred itself readily to industrial product inspection, which is made much easier through 3D scanning. Point Shape Inspector was released by Dream T&S in February 2017 and has become one of the industry’s leading inspection applications. The software can rapidly and efficiently evaluate the quality of a product by comparing a 3D scan of it to the original 3D design. It can evaluate the deviation of the whole item or single parts, and offers a number of other useful features.

Thor 3D’s reputation has also been built on continuous innovation in its field. Based in Moscow, the company is best known for releasing what it says was the first ever wireless scanner back in 2015. Its most recent breakthrough, the Drake 3D scanner, enables objects of any size to be scanned thanks to a range of interchangeable lenses.

The Drake's high quality scans are particularly useful for reverse engineering projects. Functioning entirely autonomously as well as wirelessly, the scanner can theoretically be used anywhere in the world, making it ideal for work on construction sites or elsewhere in the field.

Shortly after the release of Dream T&S’s most recent software in February, the two companies met in Moscow to discuss a possible partnership, highlighting the potential for sharing expertise and the mutual benefits that it would bring about.

Now, the companies have decided to commit to each other. The first advantage of the collaboration for consumers will be a package deal, whereby customers purchasing the Drake 3D scanner and Point Shape Inspector together will receive a 5 percent discount from each product. This would be a particularly useful bundle to buy too, as it would make the process of inspection almost entirely automated and hassle-free, so as not to interrupt the manufacturing process. A digital scan could be captured with the Drake and then immediately transferred to the Point Shape Inspector software to determine any deviations from the CAD original.



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